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Terrorist Training near Raleigh - 7 Charged with plotting terror attacks in foreign countries

Seven men, all but one of whom are U.S. citizens living in North Carolina, conspired to wage jihad overseas, according to a federal indictment. They were working on their weapons skills in rural areas of the state, authorities said.

From BBC:

I am a North Carolinian

via California where I spent the most years of my life, via Illinois where I spent the formative years of my childhood. Yet, I'm a North Carolinian. I've lived in NC since October 1996 and have worked my butt off to see this beautiful state move forward into the new century as a force to be reckoned with. Because, this state IS a force to be reckoned with in so many ways.

The land.

From the mountains of western NC, to the rolling hills and lush river valleys of the Piedmont and on to the beach towns of the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina has so very much to offer. From rural farming, ranching and small town businesses, to large cities and communities built on technology and business acumen.

The people

Cox Enterprises Inc. sells NC Newspapers to Cooke Communications

John Kent Cooke, son of the late Jack Kent Cooke, who had been involved in a number of joint newspaper ventures in Canada and once owned the Los Angeles Daily News, the Washington Redskings, as well as a group of community papers in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, has purchased thirteen North Carolina newspapers.

Previously owned by Cox Enterprises, of Cox Communications empire fame, daily newspapers the Daily Reflector in Greenville, Rocky Mount Telegram and the Daily Advance in Elizabeth City as well as weeklies in Snow Hill, Williamston, Windsor and elsewhere have been purchased by Mr. Cooke for an undisclosed amount of money.

From The Wall Street Journal:

It really IS OK if you're a Republican. Former NC Congressman supported after convicted of corruption charges.

It never fails to amaze me how much crazy it takes to continues to float the boat of the Republican Party. These days, it takes a lot. Never fear, though. It's out there and it is growing.

Bill Clinton blowjob. IMPEACH.
Elliot Spitzer hooker. Resign.
Don Siegelman BS charges by Karl Rove's hand picked US Attorney. Jail.

Mark Sanford leave children home on Fathers Day to visit lover in Argentina. IOKIYAR
John Ensign pay a total of $117,000. to best friends family to keep them quiet over ongoing affair with best friends wife. IOKIYAR.
Frank Ballance go to jail on federal corruption charges. IOKIYAR

No. Really.

Supporters of former U.S. Congressman Frank Ballance held a rally honoring him in Northampton County Saturday, less than a month after he finished a prison term for federal corruption charges.

Southern Political Report - GOP wants to Take on Kissell

According to an article today in the Southern Political Report, the Republican Party is looking to put a full court press on Larry Kissell for his seat in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District in 2010. They are already lining up possible candidates and are hoping to lure the loser of the 2008 NC Gubernatorial election and Charlotte Mayor, one Pat McCrory. If McCrory doesn't pan out, they are willing to turn back to Robin Hayes if necessary, although Hayes is supposedly assisting the party with searching for other viable candidates that would have a chance in a race against Larry Kissell.

From Southern Political Report - July 8, 2009:

UFCW and Smithfield workers ratify Contract at Tarheel, NC Plant

Yesterday, in a first for the 5,000 workers at the Smithfield Foods pork processing plant, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and the employees or the Smithfield plant ratified a contract with Smithfield Foods granting the better benefits, pay increases and working conditions.

The Press Release from UFCW:


Deal raises Tar Heel workers’ wages and brings up benefits and working conditions to union standards

(TAR HEEL NC)—Five Thousand workers at the world’s largest pork processing plant have their first-ever union contract, after a majority of workers ratified the agreement over a two-day vote. Members of UFCW Local 1208 will join more than 10,000 other Smithfield workers, and more than 240,000 others who work in the meat packing and food processing industry who have a UFCW union contract.

The new contract includes:

I believe Senator Hagan is hearing US

Just this morning in Charlotte, Senator Hagan spoke before a group of people at Shelter Health Services and told them that her critics need to stay tuned to what is going on with the healthcare debate in Washington D.C.

"We haven’t taken a 'public option' off the table," she told reporters today. She said it depends on what that means. A member of a key Senate health committee, she said she’s working with colleagues to find a way to expand coverage, ensure quality of care and be fiscally accountable.

You can read the short article from the News and Observer online here.

The Family Values Party strikes Again! With...

BONUS RedState commentary!

What the morans across the aisle are saying about Mark Sanford isn't exactly making sense for a group that insists on family values being enforced in your home, your bedroom, whenever a pregnant woman feels she has the right to make a choice of going through with the pregnancy or not, and in general as a group that just wants to make themselves out to be holier than thou.

Gay people getting married is KILLING hetro marriage! No, really! I saw it on FauxNewz and read it at RedState so it MUST be true! Right?

Then again, perhaps what is killing hetro marriage is hetrosexuals that have affairs and stuff. Maybe it's the fact that some hetro marriages just grow apart. Maybe this incident with Mark Sanford has much less to do with who he's sleeping with but more to do with his incredible lack of judgement. Let's have a look.

Another Letter to Senator Hagan. Public Healthcare Plan.

I wrote to Senator Kay Hagan today and will be following up with a call on Monday regarding the Healthcare Reform that Congress is currently screwing up debating. I thought I would be another BlueNC member to share my letter with you all in case it helps you to gather your thoughts or give you some new ideas as to what to say to the Senator when YOU write and call her.

Dear Senator Hagan,

I am writing today to give you my thoughts on the ongoing discussion about Healthcare Reform and the opportunity to attempt to level the playing field for the people of North Carolina.

Healthcare: A movement is still needed

During the Democratic Party primaries last year, there were a number of healthcare plans put forward by the candidates, as well as a lot of reaction to those plans.

The one thing to note here? The Democratic candidates actually had plans to reform healthcare in the USA. Not reform the insurance companies and their profit margins like the Republican candidates proposed. The Democratic candidates actually had somewhat detailed plans to REFORM healthcare coverage in the USA.

They all took into account the amount of Americans not covered by ANY healthcare policy. They all discussed the fact that it was a National shame to allow this to continue unabated in the future. Republican candidates said that it was OK to continue, but we needed to cut taxes on the healthcare and pharma corporations in order to bring about REAL savings. Same old shit, same wrong answer of course.


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