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Slow down in Durham or expect to be SHOT!

A Durham group is warning motorists to slow down or consider going to a body shop.

WRAL-TV reported on Monday that Angry Neighbors With Paintball Guns is fed up with what it calls Durham's inability or unwillingness to deal with speeders. The group has posted signs throughout the city that warn motorists that it is enforcing the speed limit with paintball guns. The group says drivers who don't get off the gas will be shot at.

I'm going to go out on a limb and figure this is illegal; maybe even more than speeding.

Want to visit Montgomery Jail? Tours available for 5 days

Despite economic downturn, 2008 good year for visitor spending in NC

In 62 of 100 North Carolina counties, visitor spending increased in 2008 according to Governer Bev Purdue. Mecklenburg County lead all other counties in increased visitor spending, not surprisingly followed by Wake County and then Guilford County. This is good news, as jobs were actually created and maintained by the record setting $16.9 billion spent by out of state visitors here in North Carolina.

Whole Foods forum contains The Answer about Government re: Whining Wingnuts

There was a diary at Dkos last evening that highlighted the following comment thread, short that it may be. I wanted to share this with everyone here at BlueNC, because not only is there a teaching moment here but the comment to the winger was both extremely well written AND hilarious. The reason it was a short thread was that after the return comment was dropped like a reality bomb from the heavens, things got mighty quiet regarding this subject in the forum. Heh! We all know that Whole Foods is in a Whole lotta trouble right now due to their CEO's big neo-conservative mouth. I guess we organic food luvin' dirty hippies didn't appreciate his dissin' health care reform. However, whenever a progressive has a take on something in a public forum, you know a wingnut will be there to argue their Rush Limpbaugh approved talking points. Well, this chowderhead just got their ignorant right-wing talking point comments shoved up his/her backside, and it is a thing of beauty.

RedState poster "Kay Hagan (D-NC) touring a healthcare facility Wednesday"

Hey Triad? You better get out there and get Kay's back, since the wingnuts have her in their sights. Not to mention, you get an opportunity to ask her if the idiots have pissed her off enough for her to get excited about insisting on a public option. Remember Godless? These idiots are Careless! Let Kay know she needs to put them in their place!

Posted by Trelaina (Profile)

Tuesday, August 11th at 1:40PM EDT

It’s not a town hall, but it’s the closest we’ll probably get from Mrs. Hagan:

She will tour HealthServe Community Health Center in Greensboro, NC (1002 South Eugene Street) on Wednesday, August 12. She will hold a “media availability” at 12:30pm at the front entrance. I guess that’s a news conference….

Weekend Open Thread

When sewing up the re-vamping of a broken healthcare system, more thread is better than less.
He who is false to present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and will find the flaw when he may have forgotten its cause.
If everyone gives one thread, the poor person will have a shirt.
Words form the thread on which we string our experiences.
Some people weave burlap into the fabric of our lives, and some weave gold thread. Both contribute to make the whole picture beautiful and unique.


Form some words, contibute, make of this thread a picture, beautiful and unique.

What's going on with you this weekend? What's on your mind?

NC Budget finalized. Amazon Tax is included.

I know that Betsy or James would certainly address this issue far better than I can, yet they are away from the keyboard at this time and news of a new budget bill that the NC General Assembly must pass before Governor Purdue can sign this legislation into law in North Carolina should be addressed.

Previously, Betsy and James both weighed in on this here at BlueNC, first in Betsy's post entitled Dear Amazon...don't bother

The message that Amazon sent to their NC affiliate's is as follows:

RNC runs Radio Ads in NC on Health Care; target McIntyre - Kissell - Schuler

The RNC is going full steam ahead, hoping beyond hope that their misinformation and outright lies regarding the not-even-yet-fully-proposed healthcare plan from Congress will reach moderate voters in rural North Carolina districts and sway them over to once again voting against their own interests. The culture of fear and smear that the Republican party has created is seemingly becoming less and less persuasive to the voting public, yet being the Party of No ideas or morals, it's all they've got.

Senator Useless Burr (Partisan Hack - Lobbyistland) says Healthcare reform could "decimate N.C. economy"


Do you remember the fear and smear tactics of the Bush Administration and their loyal followers in Congress? Do you remember a useless U.S. Senator by the name of Richard Burr, who unfortunately lives in, but does not represent the people of North Carolina? Do you remember Senator Useless Burr voting in lockstep with the Bush Administrations policy of fear and smear? Can you somehow recall the final grade given to the Bush Administrations policy agenda by the American people?

Major changes in Probation system are approved in North Carolina

The NC General Assembly gave final approval to overhaul the probation system following the murder of University of North Carolina student president Eve Carson, Cherokee County serial killer Patrick Burris who killed five people in the Gaffney S.C. area and was on parole from North Carolina, and North Carolina parolee Jerry Case who is accused of kidnapping a whole family and shooting a Cherokee County deputy before he was arrested.

NC to request stimulus money for infrastructure upgrades

Creating jobs and updating our infrastructure was at the core of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and both of those aspects of the stimulus package that President Obama and the Democratic Congress passed are greatly needed today here in our country and in our state of North Carolina.

For those of us that have travelled the corridor between Greensboro and Charlotte on I-85, we can point out one such project that truly needs to be addressed yesterday and that is the bridge spanning the Yadkin River at the Rowan and Davidson county line. It looks like the NCDOT and Governor Purdue agree with us, as just today news that the state has submitted a grant application for stimulus cash to fund that very construction project was released.

North Carolina seeks $300M for I-85 bridge replacement


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