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Candidate "Season"

I've been pretty much an onlooker for a long time now here at BlueNC. Reasoning? Just because I decided some of the intra-partisan ignorance being spouted by one of the lead posters here was beyond what I could continue to support.

That issue has seemed to resolve itself for me personally, and for the betterment of this blog and the community that supports it. I've read here a lot and posted very little, but I've seen this place grow. I've also witnessed the Primary Season create another spate of intra-partisan ignorance being spouted by some of the posters here.


Ask yourself that question. Is it because YOUR candidate is SO MUCH better than the other candidate? Is it because you have a personal vendetta against another candidate, so you just HAVE to be all about being against them personally? Is it because you feel one of the candidates have a better message that moves forward your personal agenda?

Gee. This sounds like a Big Lie.

Really. I don't have many words that I can use that aren't either four-letter bombs or of the hysterical laughing unintelligible sort when it comes to describing this POS in the Gaston Gazette. In fact, I'm having a real hard time typing this without laughing out loud on my keyboard right now.

The insipid BS in this article regarding how Governor Bev Purdue is selling out the TAX PAYERS of North Carolina in order to balance our State budget by giving in to the evil-nasty-health-care-for-all schemes of our Socialist Overlord, Premier Obama (what a friggin' nightmare! Healthcare for all!!!!!1) is truly one of the most scaremongering and ridiculous articles on this subject that I've seen! That is saying something, as I'm sure you all know!

President Obama smacks Health Insurance Industry

President Obama in no uncertain terms called out the insurance industry for the deceptive and dishonest hacks that they are today. It is a thing of beauty.

President Obama mounted a frontal assault on the insurance industry on Saturday, accusing it of airing “deceptive and dishonest ads” to derail his health care legislation and threatening to strip the industry of its longstanding exemption from federal anti-trust laws.

Gettin' while the gettin' is good? Bob Greczyn to retire as CEO of BCBSofNC

Let's hope that might be the reason, since Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina CEO Bob Greczyn is stepping down from his job next year, however Greczyn was not available for comment on his impending retirement. Back in 2001 - 2002, Greczyn tried unsuccessfully to take BCBSofNC from a non-profit company to a for-profit company.

According to the Progressive Pulse in May of this year, as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina was busy bamboozling the State Health Plan, cutting radio ads to attack state employees, and plotting commercials to bash President Barack Obama’s health reform effort, CEO Bob Grezcyn raked in $3.99 million in pay for 2008.

What would it take to bring American's together on just ONE issue?

While it's good to think that bringing us all together here in America would be a great and wonderful enterprise, it wouldn't make any sense to bring us together in an undifferentiated horde. By undifferentiated, I mean that we do have differences to overcome and those differences are as wide as the Grand Canyon at times. Yet, there has to be something, some reason or a situation that could part the great divide and allow us to see eye to eye on a particular subject or state of affairs.

What might that look like in 2009? What would it take to pull it off?


Let me answer the second question first. Education. Pure and simple.

Back to the first question.

Brad Miller not amused by Virginia Foxx and her Government Education rhetoric

Representative Brad Miller seriously put a hurt on Virginia Foxx and her usual Republican talking point amendment to the American Graduation Initiative that is being debated in the House. Rep. Miller completely discounted everything Ms. Foxx proposed in her amendment that went down in flames by a vote of 301 - 126. You should KNOW that you've authored a crazy proposal in the US House of Representatives when the Party of No (family values, ideas, Obama) puts forward actual votes against the Crazy Foxx amendment in rather strong numbers.

President Obama to those WITH Health Insurance. You CAN lose that insurance at any time.

President Obama today took his healthcare overhaul message to those that currently have health insurance and told them that nearly half of all Americans under age 65 could lose their health coverage at some point in the next decade.

The President is trying to back up his speech from Wednesday night to a rare joint session of Congress by not only talking to those without health insurance or with junk health insurance, but to those that now have decent health insurance at this time.

From NY Times:

While the Census Bureau reports that 46.3 million people living in the United States currently lack health insurance, Mr. Obama cited a new Treasury Department analysis that aims to buttress his case that Americans are in danger of losing their coverage — whether they know it or not.

The REALLY important news in North Carolina

From Anne Schroeder's Blog:

North Carolinians were duking it out to the end last night.

Staffers from the Democratic N.C. delegation - the N.C. Moonshiners - happily beat the staff from the Republican delegation - the N.C. Blue Mold - in a softball game, Shenan hears. The score was close: 10-9.

One Dem player (Paul Cox) hit a walk off double in bottom of the 5th. Then, sadly for the GOPers, they all had to stop due to darkness. Seems as though the Republicans need to sharpen their softball skills - the 'Shiners also won the previous game this year, 16-11.

Softball skills aren't the only thing the Republicans need to sharpen....

If you want it, you are going to have to force them to slam it through

Do you want healthcare reform that really matters for your family, yourself, your friends and your fellow American citizens? If so, you are going to have to force the Democratic majority in Congress to make it so. The opposition group, commonly referred to Republicans are going to lie, obsfucate and lie some more regarding what real reform includes. They are doing a great job so far.

Today, the President in his Saturday address to the nation once again laid out the fact that the opposition is lying, in so many words. The opposition then said NO! Like always. The President is lying! Straight up.

From CNN:

Facing a recent erosion of public support for health-care overhaul, President Obama lashed out at his opponents Saturday for spreading "outrageous myths" on the Internet, television, and at town hall forums.

Blackwater tied to CIA assassination plot

Remember not too long ago when incoming Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta called a special meeting of Congress to brief them on more of the underhanded B.S. that he had found was going on under the Bush Administration? Well, surprise, surprise! At the black heart of the matter once again was North Carolina's very own local mercenaries-for-hire and the Prince of Darkness, Blackwater and Erik Prince.

From the New York Times:

The Central Intelligence Agency in 2004 hired outside contractors from the private security contractor Blackwater USA as part of a secret program to locate and assassinate top operatives of Al Qaeda, according to current and former government officials.

Executives from Blackwater, which has generated controversy because of its aggressive tactics in Iraq, helped the spy agency with planning, training and surveillance. The C.I.A. spent several million dollars on the program, which did not capture or kill any terrorist suspects.


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