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"In Lt. Governor's Race, Besse Relies on Roots" by Layla Farmer for the Winston Salem Chronicle (our excellent Weekly).

“Being a Legal Aid lawyer at one time, he understands the plight of low wealth individuals, which is important in the Lieutenant Governor position, because of educational issues, because of environmental issues,” Terry stated.

Besse studied law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and spent a decade as an attorney for Legal Aid. A child of the segregated South, Besse said the ugliness of racial bias he witnessed as a child made him
want to dedicate his life to helping others.

“I had the opportunity to see the kind of inequality with which the young, black students were being treated, by the school, too often by the teachers in their classrooms,” he commented. “That turned into something that I knew I needed to work on on a long term basis.”

Besse’s platform is centered around the principles he has fought for since his youth – quality education, better healthcare and a clean environment. He says all of those issues have been concerns for him for as long as he can remember.

The Lieutenant Governors' race in the Independent Weekly

Four Democrats Line up for the Lieutenant Governor Bob Geary for the Independent Weekly

Nice focus on the showdown for the Progressive Democrats endorsement next weekend...

And if you're wondering, "Does anybody care who wins the Democratic nomination?" the answer is yes. The Progressive Democrats of North Carolina care a lot, says Pete MacDowell, the group's president. "The lieutenant governor's race has the potential to be one in which the candidates voice progressive ideas on a wide range of issue across the state," he says.

Whereas, MacDowell adds, the Democratic gubernatorial primary between Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and State Treasurer Richard Moore "looks like it's between two ho-hum party insiders."

The PDNC has designated the lieutenant governor primary as the race in which it will try to exercise some influence. Thus, when the organization holds its annual meeting Dec. 7-8 in Chapel Hill, it will feature not the gubernatorial candidates but a lite-gov forum instead. Immediately afterward, the group will vote on whether to endorse one of the four contenders and, assuming the answer is yes, which one.

Video: Jerry Meek in Hamlet

In which Jerry drops the most horrifying poll numbers in the history of people asking each other what they think...

Frontpaged with pleasure by Anglico. Be sure to watch this speech. Thanks Bullydoc. I hope you don't mind that I moved the actual video to the front page.


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