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Robert McNamara Dies

You can't exactly call the monologue that McNamara performs in "The Fog of War" a mea culpa, but I can guarantee you that we'll never see this level of intelligence and human insight from anyone in the Bush administration on the subject of their own participation in the Iraq War, forty years hence.

NC-05: Summer Lipford Responds to Foxx Criticism of "Gold Star" Ad

Excerpted from Summer Lipford's online response to an article in the Winston-Salem Journal yesterday:

Contacting me 10 weeks after his funeral with a form letter of condolence does not constitute her assistance, assistance not that I asked for-- but begged for. I am not malicious, disgusting or dishonest. I had nothing to gain by telling my story. I am a mother who grieves every day for my child and prays no other mother has to walk my path, no other mother has to live with the lack of concern and disrespect shown to my son and myself by Virginia Foxx. As I have stated, none of this can change for me, but by electing Roy Carter I know it will not happen again.

This story was also the lead on WXII last night.

Cook Report upgrades NC-05 from "Solid" to "Likely" Republican

Further evidence that the tenacious Carter campaign is drawing blood in the besieged mountain communities of NC-05:

House Editor David Wasserman releases ratings changes in an additional 12 districts. The GOP internal "death list" memo, leaked to U.S.News and World Report's Paul Bedard, exposes just how white-knuckled some in the Republican conference are. At this point, the choice Republican strategists face is not whether to play offense or defense, but rather where it's still worth playing defense.

Ratings Changes:

NC-05 Virginia Foxx Solid Republican to Likely Republican

COME ON DCCC! I know you're paying attention to this race! We've got FIVE DAYS to make those last minute media buys!

Carter vs. Foxx in NC-05: Closest Race in the State!

Finally, some data to back up all the arm-waving, coat tugging and jumping up and down that we in the Carter campaign have been doing since the primary! Brother Tom Jensen from the PPP interprets this weeks' Democracy Corps poll:

The closest Congressional district in the state is the 5th, where Virginia Foxx leads Roy Carter 48-46. I really hope the DCCC and other folks take the pick up opportunity in this district seriously. There are races on the Red to Blue list that based on the data I've seen are less winnable than this one.


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