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Parker Announces 5 to 1 SEC vote lead in NCDP Chair's Race

(Not everyone on BlueNC gets all of the NCDP Chair's race emails, so I'll post Parker's here, in full, as he sends them out. - Frank)

Subject: Parker Leads

I am pleased to announce that my campaign begins the weekend with 125 publicly pledged SEC votes-- five times the number that my closest opponent announced yesterday. We're heading into the final stretch with strong support, a strong plan, and the energy to begin changing the outlook for the North Carolina Democratic Party at the SEC meeting next Saturday.

My work with this team and my new friends around the state has been-- as it has been throughout my life in the Democratic Party-- a joy and a reason to work even harder toward our common goal: victory for Democrats in all 100 counties of this great state.

The Faison Pitch

Two contextualizing facts to keep in mind when thinking about Faison's campaign for NCDP Party Chair:

The Pitch: "He knows how to win"

The Catch: Voter registration in Bill Faison's State House District is 59% Democrat.

The Pitch: "He's a great fundraiser"

The Catch: Removing PAC's, party money and loans to himself, Faison has reported just $55,000 from individual donors over the last six years, an average of less than $10,000 a year.

Jim Neal endorses Cal Cunningham

You supported me in 2008 because you believed in a world where leaders look to the hopes of the future rather than the fears of the past – you believed in an America where politicians fight for those who can’t fight alone – you believed in a North Carolina where a new generation of leadership takes the helm.

Cal and I have met and pored over the issues and I’ve watched him closely as he’s taken his campaign to the people of North Carolina. I want to tell you directly – Cal Cunningham is the real deal.

"Don't worry about them, they're just lobbyists."

Just a quick link to a letter to the editor from Monday's Lexington Dispatch in support of Cal Cunningham:

I met Cal Cunningham once several years ago when he was serving in the North Carolina State Senate. A colleague and I had traveled to Raleigh to speak to lawmakers on behalf of early childhood education issues. We arrived without appointments, but in spite of his secretary saying that he had meetings scheduled, Cal gladly welcomed us into his office. While we were speaking with him, I noticed people standing outside his door. Not wanting to take more than our share of his time, I tried to excuse myself; he obviously had people waiting.

He insisted that we stay and said, "Don't worry about them, they're just lobbyists." So we stayed a bit longer.

From that day, I was a fan.

VIDEO - Cal Cunningham: Helping Families Save for the Future

My son is nine years old.

Darrin and Holly Rankin's kids are six and two. Cal and Elizabeth's are six and eight. Our generation of parents face an economy that riddles our plans with holes -- right smack dab in the middle of our children's college savings timeline.

For many families, these will be lost years in which little is saved.

Sierra Club Endorses Cal Cunningham

...And here's what Sierra Club National Political Chair Ken Brame said about it this morning:

“Cal has a strong record on environmental issues and is committed to finding a comprehensive energy solution that will allow us to rebuild America,” Brame said. “A healthy environment and a strong economy go hand in hand, and Cal will work to ensure we move our country forward by creating clean jobs that will grow and support our economy.”

US Senate Race Goes Wide with Cal Cunningham's "Different War" Ad

The Cunningham campaign released Cal's first TV ad today, a biographical spot highlighting his biography and service record.

Elsewhere, Tom Jensen previewed his own new release, hinting that the numbers in the Democratic Primary for US Senate haven't changed much since last month's poll found the race tightening, with undecideds still outpacing all three leaders.


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