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VOLUNTEER at the State Fair booth of the NC Democratic Party

Photo of the State Fair

Please sign up to volunteer at the State Fair booth of the NC Democratic Party! The Fair starts Thursday and runs 11 days. It's a ton of fun to volunteer and talk to voters, and we have lots of slots still available!

Angry about Kavanaugh? Do something about it! Come talk to thousands upon thousands of voters at the NC State Fair!!

It's FUN to volunteer at the State Fair booth

Capital Progressive Democrats

Resist and Persist!

Capital Progressive Democrats (CPD) is a new club in Wake County. Yes, there's a Wake County Progressive Democrats club, but they are apparently determined to remain small and insignificant. CPD is going to grow as large as possible, and is going to raise money to help elect progressive candidates. We have bylaws, officers, a P.O. box, a bank account, and we've filed paperwork with the Board of Elections, so we are fully official as a political organization in North Carolina.

NCDP State Fair booth

If you come to the State Fair, please visit the NCDP booth. We're in the commercial building on the corner of Hillsborough & Blue Ridge.

I'm working four shifts this week: Today, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 to 12. Come get your progressive sticker fix!

*Disclaimer: It is pure coincidence that each of my shifts ends at lunchtime while surrounded by all that fair food. It just somehow happened that way!

About those 2 billion rounds of ammo purchase by DHS

If you've been following right-wing websites, you may have heard about this one. The Dept. of Homeland Security has stockpiled 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo to kill us all.

One a my peeps tried to track that story down by following links from one story to the one before it. Here's what he found:

We start with an Alex Jones's story. It says:

Atlantic Wire responded by claiming Palin had obtained her rhetoric from a “debunked email” concerning the Social Security Administration’s purchase of 174,000 bullets last year, completely omitting the admitted DHS purchase of 2 billion bullets like it didn’t exist.

That link is to It says:

Fun in the trenches ...

With three weeks to go ... with the second presidential debate tonight ... with a close race that can be won ...

I've been spending many hours in a couple of neighborhoods off Buffaloe Road near the 540, canvassing the peeps. I think I've spent 18 or so hours walking around, ringing doorbells, and pestering people to get their butts off the couch and go vote early.

  • I tell them how close the race is, how we can still win if we get our vote out and Rmoney doesn't get his out.
  • I tell them how we won a razor-thin victory in '08, just 14,000 votes.
  • I tell them they're now part of my personal Obama Army, and to go find other people and tell them to vote.
  • I tell them where and when One Stop Early Voting is, and answer any questions they have.

Then I fill out a form for every voter, so OFA HQ can keep up. Three hours at a time, I walk these neighborhoods till my feet hurt and my back hurts and my legs hurt, and I can barely climb back in my car to go turn in my forms. I can't even describe how much fun I'm having.

Recent developments in the tiny Republic of Birtherstan

For a movement which has been the World's Biggest Epic Fail for more than 2 years now, there is much going on among the loathsome Birtherstani pissants ...

  1. Two more birther cases will be dumped by the Supreme Court next month. Orly Taitz is still trying to get her $20,000 back after being sanctioned in federal court in Georgia (though she claims her supporters have already reimbursed her more than half of it), and Phil Berg's Hollister case (sadly no longer involving Phil) has also reached the end of the line. Taitz's case will be denied Jan. 7, and Hollister on Jan. 14 (but we'll have to wait until the following Mondays to read the official orders). In both cases, the government declined to respond and the court didn't request a response, which is the kiss of death in the Supreme Court.

Mr. Anal Language Weenie's Birther Language Awards 2010

The Homophone Award:

Goes to perennial candidate and vexatious litigant Andy Martin, the self-described Internet Powerhouse and also-self-described Father of the Birther Movement, for this enduring gem:

"Four years ago when Obama was sacheting to the Democratic Party’s nomination, Hillary Clinton was afraid to do anything."

The Swing-and-a-Miss Award:

Regina at American FAKE Grand Jury, who found a YouTube of the Lord's Prayer being sung, and found it so beautiful and moving that she quoted the opening line:

"Our Father, who AREN'T in Heaven ..."

If He aren't in Heaven, where the heck are He?


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