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Republican Messiah

Holy Jehoshaphat !!!! The Messiah has arrived. He even arrived before the rapture of the church could occur. WOW !!!......(His early arrival kills premillennial theology).

In addition to “the Donald,” the Republicans have the Messiah running for President of the United States on their side. How can they lose with that combination?

Confederate Flag

I'm a North Carolinian that will be 73-years old, come November.
Finally, I've live long enough to see the Republican Party, that's been waving the Confederate Flag (at least waving it under the radar and flying it, subliminally, in their political speeches), is now required to stick it up their ass. What makes their action more remarkable is the Democrats did not make them do it. Rather, the Republicans are made to wipe their own ass in the flag they have used for years to oppress others.

Revenue neutral: An illusion

This time of each year, NC county budgets will have a "buzz" word in it for property owners. The word is “Revenue Neutral” (RN). It's a county manager and a county board of commissioners (BOC) tax curve-ball (and illusion) they pitch to the property owners.

Another Perspective

In American history, when did life expectancy, as we know it, gain the most? Was it in the late 19th century, when anesthesia was discovered, making surgery easier? Or was it in the 20th century, when antibacterial medicines became available? Or, was it when CAT scans and MRI’s and Ultra Sound procedures revealed serious health issues? I suggest the correct answer is “all of the above” with emphasis upon the word: access, i.e., having access to health-care professionals.

Another Perspective (Part 4 of 5)

Part 4 of 5: Too big to fail too big to Jail
With respect to corporate America this series of articles, from the beginning, is designed to debunk the notion and idea that “bigness” is the stimulating notion of the day for business. A challenge is offered to counter the false choice heard in the halls of politics that the present economic system of capitalism or free trade must adapt globally, or self-destruct and be replaced by socialism.


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