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Come to Roxboro for a Redistricting discussion

Hey Y'all - come visit ROXBORO for a talk by LWVODC speaker and UNCG prof emeritus Walter Salinger on Tues 8/8 6:30-8:00 -
Population Dynamics and Gerrymandering
Facebook event:

Our new brewery won't be open for a few weeks but we do have a few decent restaurants. Plan on staying for dinner.

(Yes, this is my secret plot to convince 5K or so of you extra D votes in Durham & Orange to move north!)

7th Circuit decision - bfd or ??

"A federal court in Chicago on Tuesday became the first U.S. appellate court in the nation to rule that LGBT employees are protected from workplace discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act."
I saw reports that this is BIG but I'm still waiting for the sweet tears of NC Values Coalition before I believe it. Any thoughts?

Mark Walker's staff to be in Roxboro on Wed, 1/11 11-1

Congress Member Mark Walker, District 6 is sending staff member(s) to Roxboro City Hall on Wednesday 1/11 from 11 AM to 1 PM. If you live in District 6 and have questions or comments to share with Mr Walker, here's one chance.

I still do not know how he voted on the Ethics thing.

He is pushing this replacement option for PPACA -

Emergency meeting of NC SBoE today (11/20) at 4PM

See story on WRAL site:

Information on listening to this afternoon's emergency meeting of the State Board of Elections:
4 PM
Phone in:
(213) 929-4212
Code: 327-427-829
You will be required to register to participate online.

It's easier to manipulate 1 board than 100 boards.

Anyone know any of the candidates for Geer Seat on CoA?

Martha Geer retired from the Court of Appeals so this is the 5th CoA seat that will be on the ballot in November-

Only 3 people filed. (I was expecting another YUGE long list but no.)
And, of course, only 1 R.
What do we know about the 2 non-Rs?

Donald Ray Buie (filing says DEM but voter lookup says UNA - it also says BLACK or AFRICAN AMERICAN so maybe the SBoE is just using race as a proxy for party)




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