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Affordable Care Act and Olmstead

Forgive me in advance if this is boring to many of you. But I have been working on it all day and I would like to get thoughts from the group.

Everyone is familiar with the employer shared responsibility (aka employer mandate) portion of the ACA. While I think the mandate could use some tweaks I am not opposed to it in general. However I think something that hits close to home for me has been overlooked.


Received a call from my Dad this evening. He mentioned that he tried to email Richard Burr's office this evening but the website had all but shuttered. I checked it out, and sure enough, it's still basically nonfunctional. There is a message about the shutdown, a phone number, and his D.C. mailing address, but that's it.

At first I thought this seemed extreme but reasonable. The staff is probably pretty thin and maybe they are all doing this. Then I checked out Kay Hagan's website and guess what? Fully functional, email and everything.

Affordable Care Act and Unanswered Questions

I would guess that most people here support single-payer health care, as I do. What we have is the Affordable Care Act, which is at the very least a good start. But it's also pretty damn complicated in a lot of ways. As this DailyKos article shows,the public is pretty misinformed about the impacts of the law.

Now I can tell people about how their kids can stay on their insurance during college. I can tell people about subsidies for the poor uninsured and the Medicaid expansion. Where I run into problems are when business owners call me. It isn't even that they are bitching about having to provide insurance, the just want to know their liability.

My Decision

Perhaps this is a snap decision. Perhaps this is a silly decision. But I am announcing this now and will stand by it. If there is no Democrat on the ticket for NC House District 49 in 2014 I will run for that office.

I realize it is two years out and perhaps another and better candidate will emerge. But if that doesn't happen, I'm in. We will see what happens.

Darren Staley

Amendment One

It's looking pretty ugly right now. For the life of me I don't understand what is going on. I read a poll the other day that said a majority was against banning civil unions, yet when they were told that Amendment One would in fact ban civil unions, that same majority still planned to vote for the damned thing. Hell, ten percent of those polled thought a For vote would legalize gay marriage.

Anyway I'm not giving up. My personal goal was to get 20 Against votes and at this point I am several short of that. I actually had a small house party Saturday night and tried to sway some votes. It did not turn out well. After pleading what I thought was a pretty convincing case I wound up calling several of my guests bigots. But only after they insisted they were voting Yes regardless.

Amendment One

Maybe this is a stupid question but I have no clue. I know that churches cannot advocate candidates for office and keep their tax exempt status. So why can every church I pass post signs and vans and such supporting Amendment One? Is it because it is state and not federal?

I know of at least one church that posted a sign to Vote Against. That sign was reported stolen. That said, I would prefer churches keep out of it either way. Just wondering what the law says and why it is different in this case.

A tough conversation

Well my wife and I voted today. It seemed quick and painless, almost fun even. But we did not think about the long-term consequences. We voted against Amendment One, you see, and can already feel the sanctity of our marriage slipping away. I ordered Legends of the Fall on Netflix and put Logo in my favorite channels lineup. My wife, the poor dear, is learning that peeing standing up isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Tomorrow will be the most difficult part. Not only do we have to tell the kids that we're gay but we also have to set aside hours indoctrinating them into the gay lifestyle. Then there's my Dad. He voted against as well and will have to give up his bachelor lifestyle to go out and get gay married.

Luckily this is happening all across the state so it will be easy to find partners to gay marry. In the meantime I'll live to live with the cruel fact that my wife is now open to lesbianism yet that no longer interests me as it once did.


Hello BlueNC,

I have a good friend in Portland. She is a single mother having a tough go. So while I generally don't use this forum for such things, I'd kind of like to ask charitable readers to donate a few bucks via PayPal to I would consider it a personal favor.


The Latest GOP Talking Point

Oh those Republicans and their talking points. This morning I heard a GOP strategist on cable news claim that Republicans could not be blamed for the economic situation because the Democrats "control the White House and the Senate."

First, this is stupid. You see a bill must pass both the Senate AND the House before the president can sign it into law. Who controls the House? The Republicans, who have this far done little more in the form of passing bills than naming post offices or affirming already existing law.

Second, this is bullshit. Yes, the Democrats have a Senate majority in the traditional sense of the word, fifty-one percent or more. But the Senate has its own tradition, one that allows 40 Senators to force 60 votes to pass legislation. And this current crop of Republicans is using that tactic on any legislation more meaningful than, say, naming a post office or affirming already existing law.

Obama in Millers Creek

Wow, it looks like the president will be in my backyard on Monday. Not literally, but pretty close. Last time I checked the numbers Millers Creek was about 60% Republican and is right in the heart of Foxx country. I can't wait to get out and show my support for the jobs bill.

Color me excited!!


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