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Ain't done sayin'

I don't think we're quite finished with this matter of Hillary Clinton and the error of her way. Thus, I'm cutting-and-pasting from Gary Pearce and Carter Wrenn's blog, "Talking Politics"

N&O Got a problem with Edwards?

A person starts to wonder. I've never had a quarrel (well, not in recent memory) with Dome's coverage, which I assume reflects N&O druthers, but this latest blurb on Haley Barbour's attacks on Edwards makes me wonder a bit. That is, on one hand, a person welcomes the idea that Haley Barbour might regard Edwards as a threat; on the other hand, looks to me as though the piece is actually carrying water for the GOP perspective -- and perhaps the perspective of those (Clinton, Obama) who want to brush him out of the way as well.


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