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Speaking of being Wrong

which I almost never do, here's another question: Can anyone remember when so many Democrats were SO WRONG about anyone as we were about Lieberman back when we thought he'd be just fine as Gore's running mate?

There's an AP article out today about Lieberman campaigning for McCain, and the consternation this has caused within the Democratic Party.

Another Outrageous Lie by Barak!

Which, of Course, Changes Everything...
Posted by Pamela Troy

[ and cross posted here with her permission]

Fri May 30th 2008
Some call it desperation. I call it a sense of impunity. Never underestimate the lobotomizing comfort of uttering malicious crap secure in the knowledge that you’ll be surrounded and backed up by many others repeating the same malicious crap. The latest kerfuffle in the right-wing blogosphere, still fresh from their triumph over Rachael Ray’s terroristic accessorizing, has to do with Obama’s “gaffe” in citing an uncle who was among the American troops that liberated Auschwitz.

Except that it was a great uncle, and the camp was Buchenwald.

The Power of Bone Stupid

Another timely and cogent cross-post (with the author's permission):

The Power of Bone Stupid
by Pamela Troy

Tell me, my fellow Americans, when we speak of World War I, is the renaming of sauerkraut “Liberty Cabbage” cited as one of our finer hours? How about the harassment of German Americans? When we talk about World War II, are “patriotic” American shopkeepers who put up signs like “No Jap Trade for the Duration” or wags who bought amusing “Jap hunting licenses” remembered fondly by most of us? Are these things ever cited by reputable historians as factors that ensured our victory in these wars?

Congrats to Laura Leslie

Congratulations to Laura Leslie and other fine folks at WUNC for well deserved recognition they have recently received from "The Green Eyeshade Excellence in Journalism Award" regional competition (which means Laura excelled over entrants from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia).


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