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What can we do to promote Jennifer Roberts in the ninth district?

I posted this over at Daily Kos a few weeks ago, after the Roberts campaign released a poll that showed Jennifer Roberts virtually tied with Pittenger in the ninth district.

Now, I realize that 1) this is Jennifer's campaign's own poll, and 2) 22% undecided seems unusually high at this point in a campaign, so I take the results with a grain of salt. However, it seems that in spite of Rucho's disgraceful gerrymandering and Pittenger's bottomless well of ill-gotten loot he can use to smear Jennifer and buy the election, Jennifer's "one voter at a time" grassroots campaign actually has a chance, and I hope that loyal Democrats as well as disgusted Republicans can work to get this excellent candidate elected to represent us!

Exhaustive analysis of the redistricting ramifications

An hour or so ago, a great diary analyzing the NC Redistricting and it ramifications was posted at Daily Kos. I won't attempt to copy any of it here; simply follow the link and check it out for yourself. This is the most exhaustive treatment of this topic I've seen yet, heavy with numerical facts, with a bit of reasoned analytical opinion added. Very enlightening.

A word of advice: if you click the link, make sure you have a few hours of free time ahead of you! There's more information there than can be assimilated in just a cursory look, and the information is addictive if you're a cartographic and dataset junkie like I am.

The bottom line is that after studying that diary for a while, I was a little less depressed by the 2012 electoral prospects for our state...but just a little. We've got a huge battle ahead of us in North Carolina.

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