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Changing the face of the Republican Party? How?

Can someone please explain how the first seven shown are changing the face of the Republican Party? Your comments are welcome below.

Get Out and VOTE!

I wrote this post last night on Facebook after I dragged my sorry arse in from putting up candidates' signs at polling locations all across our county. I know a lot of county party organizations worked their fannies off. Please do not sit out today. Our democracy needs you.

Dem ground game is on fire

UCDP rally

It is crunch time folks. I don't know what your local Democratic Party is doing, but here in Union County we are knocking on doors, sending personal notes to voters, and calling potential voters at a pace that beats efforts made in past presidential election years. We know that our chances are slim with voter registration numbers looking the way they do, but we are fighting to push that needle just a little more in our favor.

Watauga Board of Elections Voting Plan Unconstitutional

Wake County Superior Court Judge Donald W. Stephens has ruled the voting plan produced by the Republican majority on the Watauga County Board of Elections is unconstitutional and he has ordered that the early voting plan be redrawn with at least one polling location on the Appalachian State campus.

You can find the full ruling at Watauga Watch, but the two most scathing paragraphs follow:

Judge rules Charlotte airport to stay under city control

Alaska has its 'Bridge to Nowhere' and North Carolina has its 'Commission without a Cause.' Mecklenburg Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin has ruled that the Charlotte Airport Commission that was created by the Republican legislature cannot control Charlotte Douglas International Airport without an order from the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has said it would not grant the commission permission unless the city requests it and that is unlikely, since the city has been fighting to retain control of the airport.

John Arrowood endorsed for Court of Appeals by NCDP Executive Council

John Arrowood has received the endorsement of the North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Council to return to the NC Court of Appeals. He is running in a field of 19 candidates that includes almost an equal number of registered Democrats and Republicans. The NCGOP endorsed former judge John Tyson. The candidate who receives the most votes wins the seat that came available when Chief Judge John Martin announced his retirement.

Let them eat ... wedding cake!

gay wedding cake

I am so happy for my friends who want to marry and will soon be able to in NC. I am happy for friends who traveled to other states to marry, who will soon not have to worry about whether their marriage is acknowledged in NC. I am happy for those who will have an easier time filing taxes, adding loved ones to benefits plans, adopting children, visiting partners in the hospital, and all the other things the rest of us take for granted. Love is winning.

Republicans buy diversity from iStock Photos

fake black Republican

It's no secret that the Republican Party has a problem with diversity, and a recent ad campaign brought that into focus in a hilarious way. The major fail of the "Republicans are people too," campaign was first noticed when the hashtag #IAmARepublican was hijacked on Twitter by meanie libruls.

High Point University College Republican Chairwoman refuses to allow voter registration on campus

High school and college campuses are some of the best places to register new voters and you would think members of campus political groups would promote voter registration among students. Amazingly, that's not the case with the chairwoman of High Point University's College Republicans as seen in the following video.


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