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These Democrats need your help

North Carolina delegates

Thank goodness the presidential primary is over. I hope you haven't given all your spare change to a candidate because now that we've reached the end of the primary, we need to pivot to helping everyday Dems reach fundraising goals.

If you aren't on Facebook, you may not have noticed the GoFundMe requests scrolling down your feed. I'm going to repeat something here that I wrote on Facebook, so if you have already seen this...bear with me, please.

Discussion of Charlotte's Nondiscrimination Ordinance Pulled from Agenda

The LGBT community won yet another battle in the war for equal rights today when Charlotte Mayor, Jennifer Roberts, pulled a discussion of the impact of HB2 from the agenda for tonight's Charlotte City Council meeting.

This doesn't mean there won't be other attempts to repeal the ordinance, which after the passage of HB2 actually no longer exists since state law supersedes the ordinance.

Lula Dualeh: Fresh leadership for Meck Board of County Commissioners District 2

Lula Douleh

District 2 of Mecklenburg County's Board of County Commissioners has been in need of fresh leadership for a very long time and Lula Dualeh has stepped up to offer the type of leadership this district has been sorely lacking. Lula moved into District 2 with her parents when she was six years old. She grew up in the district, went to school in the district, and has spent her entire adult life in the district. She knows first-hand the needs and concerns of the residents on Mecklenburg County's West Side.

Lula is focusing on economic development, education, and transportation - issues that are vital to West Side residents. Her words are so much more powerful than mine, so I am sharing them here for each issue.

Economic Development

District 2 is a large district with communities extending from Biddleville to Steele Creek. Throughout those areas, we have a tale of two communities where there is extreme prosperity and poverty. And while I’m proud of the district that raised me, I know that behind every shocking statistic are real tears, real people suffering. District 2 deserves a fierce champion who will fight for all of District 2, not only certain communities. Recently, we have read, heard and seen developers express their vision for District 2, many times without the community input. As a connector, I will fight to ensure our communities concerns are met when developers begin to build for a future we all would love to see. I believe District 2 a renaissance of history, culture and excitement where we highlight and celebrate our wonderful communities. Where we have walkable businesses and beautiful parks all while preserving our historical integrity. I promise to always represent you and our District’s best interests as your next County Commissioner.

Happy 10th Birthday BlueNC

BlueNC uprising

Happy 10th birthday BlueNC! In blog years, that's ancient and I think we wear it well. Blogging has changed a lot over the years and our audience has changed too. We've seen social media grow in importance and every professional journalist seems to also be a blogger these days. We still see a good deal of traffic here at BlueNC, though our comment section isn't as active as it used to be. With all the changes in how we get our news, BlueNC continues to be the best source for progressive political news and discussions. We thank you all for your continued support.

Charlotte Mayor's Race: Endorsement you decide

Charlotte's second primary is coming to a close and voters will decide tomorrow which Democrat will face Republican Edwin Peacock in November's general election. Roberts is still being called the front runner, but most media sources are not singing her praises. More importantly, former mayoral candidate David Howard and respected LGBT activist and journalist Matt Comer have endorsed Dan Clodfelter.

Dem to Watch: John Carry Easterling, III

John Carry Easterling, IIIWe may not see John Carry Easterling, III's name on a ballot yet, but at some point in the next ten years we are certain to see this young man serving us in elected office. He is smart, energetic, and committed to making life better for others.

Why ten years? Easterling has just graduated high school and plans to double major in political science and history at UNCG. He also plans to graduate before venturing into public service. He isn't waiting until after college to get involved, though. Easterling has just been appointed the chair of the Rural Caucus for North Carolina College Democrats and is serving as the chair of the High School Caucus for Young Democrats of America. He recently completed his tenure as the President of North Carolina Teen Democrats.

When asked about his accomplishments in these groups, John quickly gives credit to those who served or are serving with him. He said that among his favorite accomplishments was that his administration increased participation in Teen Dems in North Carolina by adding 20 county chapters and more than 300 members in a six-month time span.

Who will be Charlotte's next mayor?

Charlotte mayoral candidates

The candidates running for mayor in Charlotte are campaigning hard and so far only one has gone negative with a push poll. Jennifer Roberts conducted a poll with negative, leading questions about the other Democrats in the race. According to the Charlotte Observer, her team claims it isn't a push poll because it isn't close enough to the September primary, and it isn't a large enough sample.

Say their names

victims of Charleston massacre

On Monday evening, I spoke at a vigil for the nine victims of the massacre at Mother Emanuel A.M.E. It was a wonderful experience with clergy from many different local churches, representatives from the police department, and the mayor of Monroe. I can still hear the beautiful voice of Joyce Myers as she sang "Amazing Grace." She has a richness to her voice that allows you to feel the song as well as hear it.

Confederate flags removed from base of memorial in Union County

Union County, NC Confederate Flag

Tuesday afternoon officials in Union County removed multiple Confederate flags from the base of the Civil War Memorial on the grounds of the historic Union County Courthouse. The flags were taken away after Union County Democratic Party Chair Nancy Rorie emailed county officials requesting that the flags be removed.

In her email she wrote:


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