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What is it about my vote that the NCGA doesn’t like? Most of you already know me at least by my activity on BlueNC. My name is Brian. I am a new transfer student at UNC-Pembroke. I am majoring in Political Science and the first few days of classes have started to open up my mind and make me think about that one question, what is it about my vote that the NCGA doesn’t like? That is a rhetorical question. I know what it is. I do not vote the way the “majority” wants me to vote, I am a member of a demographic that historically doesn’t vote the way the “majority” wants me to.

Brad Miller vs. David Price

As some of you know, I live in the 4th district. My representative is David Price. Due to the new redistricting map drawn up by the GOTEA, Rep. Brad Miller may be forced to run against Rep. Price in 2012. This article talks about how Brad Miller has been a champion of liberal causes and it makes me wonder who I would vote for if it came down to these two fine reps running against each other.

Wake County School Board Issue On HuffPost

Huffington Post has a story on the Wake County school board resegrigation plan. Here is the best paragraph.

Public ire aside, the Tea Party has shown its support of Wake County's actions. Art Pope, a popular republican figure who sits on the board of Americans For Prosperity, was quoted by the Washington Post as saying the isolation factor might make things more convenient.

"If we end up with a concentration of students underperforming academically, it may be easier to reach out to them. Hypothetically, we should consider that as well."

Finally the national media is starting to expose Art Pope, now if only more media would look into this plan.

State Rep. Larry Brown wants to cut HIV/AIDS treatment in state funded medical plans.

Brown told the Journal he doesn't believe HIV/AIDS patients should be covered for diseases caused "by the way they live," saying that any patients who contracted such illnesses "sexual behavior or drugs" should pay the full cost of treatment themselves.

Typical Bigoted, Hypocritical, Rethuglican Teabagger.

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Attempts To Double Cross Obama

I'm not sure if anyone has turned on to this topic yet. So I will post it. I was doing one of my many surfings of Huffington Post when I saw the following headline,

Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Lobbies Against Reform

so I click on the story and a new headline comes up

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina's Desperate Attempt To Deceive

The article is about how BCBSNC says in public that they suppport the president's plan for healthcare while at the same time sending out advertisements questioning the viability of the President's plan.

Here is one of the advertisements that BCBSNC is going to run.


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