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President Barack Obama The First Black President Why I Voted For Him

I voted for Barack Obama for President because I am black and I felt strongly that he was intelligent enough to hold the title. I have gone through 12 years of schooling and heard that black folks could become the President one day so when the opportunity came that I could vote for a black man then why in the hell would I not vote for him? I have voted for white men up until “our” current President was elected.

Hell no “our” current President didn’t have any experience at being the President because he had never held the title before. But none of the others before him had held the title before they became the President either. So what is the damn problem?

I can say I found Barack Obama while surfing the net when he was running for US Senate. I was on his mailing list up until that election was over.

So Has It Ever Been About Qualifications When It Comes to the D.A. Office?

It is sad there has never been a black District Attorney (D.A.) east of HWY 95.

The one thing that I have found consistent is that many times a white elected official will resign their post so that an appointment can be made. White elected officials understand that it is somewhat hard to unseat an incumbent whether that person is elected or appointed.

Look at certain elected offices and see how these officials resigned within one to one and an half years before their term ended. It is my strong belief that they have someone in mind and they tries to give that person the opportunity to get into the seat so that when the election time arrives this person can say they were already doing the job.

ElectriCities Presentation

Councilwoman Lois Watkins hosted the Little Raleigh Renaissance Community Meeting by inviting ElectriCities and a representative from the Rocky Mount Utilities

Learn some history on how ElectriCities got started, where they are now and where they are going. Learn how you can save energy in your home by doing some small things.

The Agenda:

March 10, 2009 6:30 P.M.

I. Call To Order

II. ElectriCities Presentation

III. Public Utility Department Presentation

IV. Community Comments and Concerns

V. Adjournment

Click on DCN TV to watch video. Click on On Demand and go to Ward 4 Utilities Meeting.

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