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Any lawyers in the house? Help needed.

I have a bit of a ... situation at work, which I won't go into in full detail here. Some of you know where I work, and why I might hesitate to be public.

I need to find out what my rights are regarding assault in the workplace and whether I can get my employer to pay for therapy/counseling for PTSD after I voluntarily terminate my employment, because I do not feel safe in my workplace.

Politics of fear

Apologies in advance if this is disconnected. I picked up a cold on vacation, and these are some thoughts I had.

Newsweek ran a story on the politics of fear about 2 weeks ago. They discussed the (right-wing, though unspecified as such) tendency to disseminate fear of terrorists, immigrants, gay people being allowed to get married, and the like. And the Othering that allows it to happen.

County government not environmentally friendly?

As some of you may know, I work for Durham County. My department generates a lot of paper waste (and plastic bottles). I started saving the paperboard packaging that all our stuff comes in, and today a guy from the recycling company got all bitchy at me, because they don't collect that.

Seriously? Mixed paper! It's all forms of paper. Orange County just added paperboard to its curbside collection, though it's always had paperboard at the drop-off points.


Yes, people still get TB. In fact, we currently have about 20 cases of active TB in Durham. MMWR this week is all about TB. It's got a lot of words, but if you scroll down, there are tables and graphs.


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