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McHenry Advertising during "What Not to Wear" on TLC?

Just for fun- apparently, Patrick McHenry has been paying to have his Campaign advertisements played during the TLC TV show "What not to Wear". Of course, given the frequent rumors of McHenry's homosexuality and his own attacks against even fellow Republicans that they are too lax, this feels somewhat ironic.


Quick thoughts of the NC-10 Race- Johnson vs McHenry

Well, after a long bout of excessive work and little fun (a time period I call "too damn long"), I'm back, and it's time to take a good hard look at what's been going on in my district, North Carolina 10, as of the last few months. The gist of it all? Johnson needs to buck up and work harder, and McHenry's more screwed than he's ever been in his life.

Even the NCGOP are ashamed of Patrick McHenry Xenophobia

Even the NCGOP are embarrassed of Patrick McHenry nowadays- with some new group emerging of "Republicans against Patrick McHenry" and a new CharO article with NCGOP leaders speaking out against Patrick McHenry with terms like "get a clue", Patrick may be having the worst election season of his life.

NCGOP: McHenry Xenophobia doesn’t get you elected.
Republicans Against Patrick McHenry
Full CharO Article

McHenry accuses Johnson of being an "insider" again, Linda Daves (See: Obama ad) makes petty attacks

Looks like McHenry's playing the only card he knows how: raising hell about "Democrats in Washington". Tonight's flavor? McHenry, using Linda Daves (who has met me and knows I think she's as shallow as a puddle of water in the street) as a squawkbox for his patent brand of bull, screaming about how Congressional candidate Daniel Johnson is lying about claiming his bags are not packed with Washington money.

Wait, are you kidding me? Patrick McHenry is behind this? The man known for lining his pockets with more Washington money (and spending that said money more frivolously) than virtually any other politician in the state? Wow.

Patrick McHenry invents letters; insinuates predecessor senile; Ivester and Johnson smart to stay far away

Patrick McHenry, dissuaded with the fact that he can't come up with anything to beat back recent photos made public by Mike Rogers/Brandon Greeson, has now taken his time to begin inventing letters and insinuating that Cass Ballenger, his predecessor, is senile (though he voted for McHenry).

The story starts when suddenly, out of the blue, the former Congressman decided to endorse Lance Sigmon over Patrick McHenry. In the Republican camp, that's known as "suicide", partially because Patrick McHenry will sic every single person he can on you- and that's exactly what he did. Seeing the signed/dated letter, McHenry claimed it was fake (and insinuated it was forged)... until Ballenger heard about it and made a Phone Advertisement for Sigmon (Recording in the YouTube video). Wuh oh. So what does McHenry do? Falsify his own letters!

Patrick McHenry refuses to apologize, hides, uses cronies to blame... us?

Well, it looks like the bomb hit. Lance Sigmon, Patrick McHenry's primary challenger, has officially come out swinging with a press conference demanding for an investigation into McHenry's actions. This surprises no-one- Sigmon's following up on the opportunity that anyone could see open up weeks ago.

But the funniest thing about this whole fiasco? McHenry refuses to respond, and sics his stupid cronies like Wes Climer, claiming he's our mouthpiece. Wait, what?

McHenry's Voting Record, or why Mark Foley was a "good Conservative" too

I can't take responsibility for this (This was posted on, but I love it. Also, he stole my Astroturfing line.

It seems that Patrick McHenry, the man who has now been publicly shamed for his actions regarding the troops in Iraq (Belittling a Security Guard by calling him a "Two Bit" as well as potentially being responsible for the deaths of two soldiers thanks to a horrible PR stunt by McHenry himself) wants us to believe that he's a "Good Conservative". Using his Astroturfing (pretending you're "grassroots" or otherwise pretending to be a "concerned citizen") blogs, Patrick McHenry has been attempting to rouse the little support he has by convincing him that he's a "Good Conservative", even going so far as to say that it speaks for his Integrity.

An open letter calling for the Investigation of Congressman Patrick McHenry

Looks like it's time to jump on the bandwagon. Today, Mr. Ed Readling of Hickory (a Republican, but I won't hold it against him this time) wrote a letter to the Hickory Daily Record: McHenry needs to be investigated.

This is my open letter explaining why, and demanding that our Democrat representatives pick this charge up. The gerrymandered 10th district has the first opportunity in a long time to show the world why Congressman Patrick McHenry is a disgrace to the district- let's not screw this up.

See the fulltext to read the letter I will be sending to my local paper (and I encourage you to send to your local papers/TV stations/radio stations as well).

McHenry ripped apart by Sigmon, Boylan the second "Stewart Drunkard"

Well, it looks like the Democrats are just having a plain out good week. In the words of Paul O'Connor, Do-It-Yourself Stupidity is in with Republicans, showing just how dumb representatives like Patrick McHenry are like. But hey, us Democrats aren't the only ones screaming it from the rooftops- apparently Lance Sigmon is the only Republican with the guts to actually say a Republican did something wrong, as he tears apart McHenry in this video. God, I love Republican infighting, especially when one of their own breed is the one pointing out McH's many flaws.

But it gets better.


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