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McHenry's PAC Paid for Lay's Defense

Remember Michael Aaron Lay? He's Pat McHenry's former roomie and staffer who committed voter fraud in the 2004 primary McHenry only won by 86, no, 85 votes.

In August Lay got a "deferred prosecution." If he pays a fine, does 100 hours of community service and stays out of trouble, he'll never be charged. Nice lawyering, if you can afford it. Apparently, Lay didn't have to pay the bill. McHenry's PAC did.

It looks like our Pat is not so conservative when it comes to the interpretation of "political action."

McHenry Violates Green Zone Military Security

A summation of the whole bragging, pandering, lameass debacle.

Use this (and thoreau's post) to write a letter to the editor to at least one newspaper serving NC's 10th District. Unless you're on-line (and many in the 10th are not), you probably have no idea what Pat's been up to lately. We can write and link and blog and comment, but unless we get into the local press, Republicans who might bge quite happy with Daniel Johnson won't even know McHenry needs to be replaced. Scroll to the bottom of the post for links to most 10th District newspapers that have websites.

McHenry, Jones, fellow Rs gag abused credit consumers

I guess they thought the testimony would be too emotionally painful for their banking donor buddies. At least, one has to draw that conclusion when Republicans on the House Consumer Credit Subcommittee are so threatened they arrange for witnesses to be stonewalled and bullied.

But, in their efforts to keep these stories out of circulation, House Republicans kinda blew it. No wonder none of 'em are returning reporter's phone calls.

Patrick McHenry's Staffer pleads Guilty to DUI then runs Gaston GOP Convention

Gaston County GOP must want Congressional candidate Lance Sigmon to go away in a big way. I've never heard of county conventions being run by either campaign or district staff of a Congressman, particularly the year of a contested election.

And it looks like Pat McHorny doesn't care too much about conflicts of interest, potential or otherwise. To push his DUI staffer on a local party makes it clear he simply has way too much to hide.

(fp'd by Betsy with title edited)

McHenry sacked by Gaston Gazette

Last week Roger Clemens provided our Patty one more opportunity to make an ass out of himself. And finally, a local reporter figured it out. And took him down.

Kudos to Derick Moss of the Gaston Gazette. . . Never heard of him? That's because you've been reading the news. For decent coverage of your US congressman, at least in the 10th, you need to turn to the sports section.

McHenry burns half a mil, out-monied by Johnson

Good news. 10th district incumbent annoyance Pat McHorny is spending campaign cash as fast as he's taking it in. Democratic challenger and political newcomer Daniel Johnson nearly outfundraised him in the last quarter.

Add this news to CharO's recent flattering Johnson profile and the fact that other publications like newsatnorman has caught on that the McHorny one has an awful lot to hide.

Things aren't going so well, are they, Pat?

Sigmon accepts McHorny debate challenge, Johnson raises $120,000

Fellow Republican Lance Sigmon prefers to hold three debates, one each in Shelby, Morganton and Hickory.

And Democrat Daniel Johnson announced that his campaign has raised $120,000.

The debate idea was McHenry's idea. He told people last week in a a media-only conference call from which I was excluded. Why, Pat, why? What do you possibly have to hide from me?


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