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Wrong again....this is an email telling me what they sent me was incorrect:

The "Panetta Controversy"
written by The "Panetta Controversy" , January 26, 2009
Completely embarrassing itself, the right-wing blogsphere pandered in January 2009 the false information that Linda Panetta is the daughter of Leon Panetta, the newly appointed head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

As the made-up story started spreading, other right-wing blogs saw themselves forced to print retractions to avert the increasing discreditation of right-wing "journalism" on the internet:

Just something to consider

Here's something on our new CIA director:

What's going on with Obama's vetting process?????

"Linda Panetta: Daughter of Leon Panetta, who was recently named by Barack Obama to be the new CIA director. Linda is a supporter of all the anti-American regimes in this Hemisphere. She is constantly shown with Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega, two sworn enemies of the United States ... She wants to close the School of the Americas, considers that American soldiers are criminals and is against any aid to the government of Colombia, our main ally in the region. I wonder if any of her activities will come up during her father's confirmation hearings?

Nothing much in the media...Z E R O on liberal/dem blogs about this.

If there's a god....I hope he/she helps us survive this.

When will the "honeymoon" end?

I'm concerned that there is very little (some, of course) banter on BlueNC about Tom Daschle's illegal tax problems and before that the Tim Gehtlier (sp?) debacle with regard to taxes. Yes, I have seen some of the posts negative about that...but, nothing........ABSOLUTELY NOTHING....referred to Obama making that choice and ignoring the vetting process.

And, I'm amazed that Blago hasn't been talked about here.

Do we just trahs anything/everything that comes out in the media negative about anything but Obama folks here? Whatsup????

Again, yeah, I've seen token posts against some of this...but, not from the BlueNC regulars....front page posters....etc.


CHANGE. That's what the new deal is.....right?

Obama on protectionism

Because of some of the "American Made" provisions in the new stimulous bill being considered currently by the Senate, there is a controversy over the "American Made" provisions in that bill. An example is buying military uniforms made from U.S. textile products rather than China, which is what is happening in large part currently. In addition, there are questions about American made steel. Japan is a big supplier of steel to us, currently.

Europe and Canada are really nervous about this and they are threatening a quid pro quo against the U.S. on it.

This will be interesting on how Obama and the demos handle this.

I know there are a lot of dynamics involved in this...but my initial feeling is...screw them. We have to watch out for our own country (for a change). But, I do know there are a lot things to be considered.

Here's the link:

Great conversation on Stimulus Package

Today it rained all day in my neck of the woods. Tuesday, we retired guys play golf at our club but since we got "rained out", we just went into the club room and kinda "bonded". The conversation gravitated to the impending stimulous package that is making its way through the House/Senate. Now, suffice to say that we don't usually discuss religion and politics because those issues usually end up pissing someone off. But, we did discuss this today. And, we all kind of got taken by surprise.

We have one fellow that is like this really right-leaning republican that listens to Rush and Hannity and subscribes to whatever the GOP website is and so forth. But, when this came up and as we discussed what is being considered, he floored us with presenting this as his opinion on what Obama & Co. ought to do.

Here's what conserv/moderate/repubs are getting from their party...hard to argue, folks

I'm a bit late on a Sunday evening to get the best response to this...but, gotta put it here for everyone to consider..and to react to if they want (it's what repubs say nowadays with regard to dems, okay?):

Obama Inauguration Sets Record for Private Jets

Recession? What recession?

The inauguration of Barack Obama set an all-time record for the number of pricey private jets flying into the Washington area for the festivities.

At Washington Dulles airport, up to 600 private jets landed in the days leading up to the inauguration.

That number shatters the old record of 300 private planes that the airport accommodated for President George W. Bush’s second inaugural in 2004, Bloomberg reported.

“Of course, flying private to a celebration of a populist, pro-environment president is a bit like the Detroit execs jetting to Washington for bailout money,” Robert Frank observed in the Wall Street Journal.

10 Reasons we're glad Bush has left office

I'm not sure how to put the actual video picture on the gotta give you a link.

Everyone, get out your hankey.....this one is so damn funny it'll make you laugh until you cry.

Sometimes among all the serious talk here...we need some humor, right?  (hope the link works for ya)



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