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Liar Easley: Execution Dates Set Despite Governor's Assertion that We have a Moratorium on Executions

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This afternoon the State of North Carolina set two execution dates. Archie Billings is scheduled to be executed March 2 and Al Holman, March 9, 2007.

Readers recall that just a week ago Gov. Easley and AG Roy Cooper's office represented to the press, fellow members of the Council of State, and the People of North Carolina that no executions would take place until the issues of lethal injection protocol, and the role of doctors in executions are resolved.

These are the words of our Governor made just last week following the Council of State's approval of an execution protocol:

Easley said it's unlikely the state will carry out any executions for some time.

Wanted: 5000 North Carolinians to Educate the Council of State

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Last week Judge Stephens finally pulled the brake on the runaway train that is NC's execution procedures. He pulled so hard the train jumped track and barrelled right into the living room of the members of the Council of State. Now the good folks over at the NC Coalition for a Moratorium are giving you a way to help the Honorable Council Members figure out how to solve this predicament. I learned about their efforts when this email came into my inbox a few minutes ago....

Dear Friends,

Last Thursday, when Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens imposed a temporary ban on executions, he effectively put NC back at the forefront of the national moratorium movement! The situation that has unfolded goes like this:

Executions Stopped

And there will be no immediate appeal:

From the AP at Durham Herald-Sun

The state won't immediately appeal Stephens' decision.

"We will not appeal the stay at this time," said Noelle Talley, spokeswoman for Attorney General Roy Cooper. "Our attorneys will consult with the Department of Correction and the Gov.'s Office to determine the appropriate steps to take."

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Council of State Ordered to Approve New Lethal Injection Protocol -- Deadline 16 Hours

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Earlier today in Wake County Superior Court, Judge Don Stephens indicated that he was inclined to rule for the plaintiffs Marcus Robinson and James Thomas and stop executions in North Carolina unless the NC Council of State approves a procedure that does not require the participation of a doctor. Judge Stephens' ruling follows last week's unanimous decision of the NC Medical Board that bars doctor participation in executions. The Board's decision allows only for the mere presence of a doctor at an execution (as required by NC Gen Stat Sec.15-190) and forbids a doctor from intervening in the process any way. The board promises to discipline doctors who engage in and "verbal or physical activity, beyond the requirements of [the statute], that facilitates the execution..."

I have to admit, I am not clear why Judge Stephens believes the Council of State should have anything to do with this, but I find his actions intriguing. I wonder if they can get all these folks to approve it before Stephens makes his ruling at 10 am. But for what it's worth, there's a lot riding on the shoulders of these people tonight:

Representative Howard Hunter Dies

Representative Howard Hunter died yesterday. He had just been re-elected to his 10th term representing Hertford, Gates, Bertie and Perquimans County. Governor Easley will appoint a successor to fill the seat. His will be difficult shoes to fill.

Quoting from an earlier BlueNC post:

Hunter's tenure in the House has earned him some choice leadership assignments. He serves as the Chairman of the Appropriation Subcommittee on Natural and Economic Resources, Vice Chairman on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Capital and Vice Chairman on the actual Appropriations committee. He sits on several other commitees. You will find the complete listing here.

Guy LeGrande Execution only the latest problem to come out of Anson County

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The antics of Anson County prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement over the last 10 years are more appropriate for a prime time drama (or comedy) than in service as elected public servants. Admittedly, there's still a lot to learn about how deep the corruption runs, but a run down of the almost farcical antics infecting capital litigation in Anson County scream out for at least a moratorium on executions for cases arising in that judicial district.

The Rightwingnut Strategy of Hypersexualizing LGBT People Claims Another Victory

Here's another example of how the right-wing strategy of taking over school boards is impacting vulnerable populations.

In Rowan County last night, the school board unanimously voted to ban Gay-Straight Alliances by declaring them sex-clubs.

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ACLU Lawsuit takes down NC's cohabitation law

BURGAW – The ACLU of North Carolina Legal Foundation (ACLU-NC) applauded a state court decision that declared North Carolina’s 201-year-old ban on cohabitation to be unconstitutional. State Superior Court Judge Benjamin Alford issued the ruling yesterday afternoon in a lawsuit filed last year by the ACLU-NC on behalf of Debora Hobbs, an unmarried woman who lost her job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher with the Pender County Sheriff’s Office simply because she chose to live with her unmarried boyfriend in violation of a 201-year-old state law that makes it a criminal offense for partners of the opposite sex to live together out of wedlock.

I've posted the ACLU-NC Legal Foundation's full press release here.


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