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My take: On How {d}emocracy Works

I started this as a comment to SD's new "hearts and halo" photoshop post. My "comment" took on a life of it's own - flowing uncontrollably out my fingers - and soon it was no longer a comment. It was a blog post. Some thoughts here echo what's been touched on by Robert P., momo and others. [AND ... at the end, there's an invitation to join us today at the Johnston County Democratic Party headquarters in Clayton.]

This, the week of the Photoshop flames at bluenc, with the Edwards pics and "Dear John," letters from SD has been amazing to watch - in a GOOD way. Seriously. I've seen more new posters at bluenc in the past week than I have since I started reading here.

More below the fold ... much more. :)

Economic exclusivity ...

it's not just for Cary any more.

My first blog entry here at bluenc is about a trend happening in the real estate development approval process in Johnston County. Below the fold is part of an email I recently sent Ms. Sherry Altman, Democratic candidate for NC Senate District 12, on the issue. I decided to post this partial letter here to get some of y'all's thoughts on the matter as a whole.

More below the fold ...


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