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I hate to do it, but WTVD 11-- I'm calling y'all out!!

I passed your van in downtown Clayton on my morning walk today. Let me first thank you for covering the story. (I tried to link to your story, but couldn't find it on your website.) I know your news team will cover the Growth Management Committee meeting in Smithfield tonight.

I have a challenge for you, should you choose to accept it:

At tonight's meeting, make a special effort to correctly identify the speakers and people interviewed on camera.

The story in this morning's newscast stated that "some county residents" don't like the Growth Management Committee recommendations. To back up that claim, the report followed with an on-camera blurb from Joe Coletti (the paid John Locke Foundation guy.) Your on-screen graphic identified Joe as "Resident". So we get it -- the guy made an indelible and notable impression on your reporter. It was kinda funny the first time.

UNC takes a big step

Back in October I wrote this post about Jerry Ansley and his family.

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Yesterday, the Ansley's and all of us learned that UNC Hospitals has changed the way they approach compensation for large medical bills. The N&O carried the story and it's been on the teevee morning news today.

The Ansley's, the folks I introduced in the above diary entry, were a huge part of that change. The story of their entire journey through purgatory is yet to be written, but suffice it to say, these are the sort of people who make this state and this country a beautiful democracy.

Guess who came to our meeting last night ?!

There was an awful lot of hot air circulating up in DC last night. I got home in time to watch the Dubya train ... rolling off the tracks in slow motion. Lucky me. The saviors of the evening were Jim Webb and the SOTU live blogging thread here. Most excellent friends -- y'all had me in stitches when I shoulda been dozing off to sleep. But let me get to the question in my title ...

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[Editorial note: the kitties are just for decoration. No kitties were harmed in the writing of this rant.]

In case you weren't aware, we had an open meeting of the Johnston County Growth Management Committee last night in Smithfield. Woohoo!, right?

Well, GUESS WHO CAME to stick their nose where it don't belong?!

Are we there yet?

I can be a little paranoid. In fact, friends laugh when I insist on using the qualifier "little" in that sentence. I know this, so I resist the urge to pull out the tin foil hat. Really, I do.

But I saw the news of the US Attorney's FIRED without cause first at dailyKos and Josh Marshall takes it seriously and fleshed out which ones were getting booted and for jimminycricketssake, Ed Cone put up a link to that and now I'm getting a little upset at my stomach. My "concerned-0-meter" is edging into the red, boys and girls.

So I have to ask those I respect most what they think ...

"Do Unto Others...": Prelude to a Story

Healthcare is one of the few growing segments of the American job market. There are real economists with lots of papers from fancy places on their walls who will tell you that Healthcare is the only segment of the American job market that still has decent middle-class wage-earning growth in it for the average American worker.

Unfortunately, Healthcare is also the biggest growing domestic crisis, and very few in political leadership want to get serious about fixing it.

Maybe that's because, until it hits a citizen personally, the Healthcare crisis is pretty easy to ignore among the Presidential signing statements, the Torture bills, the Mark Foley's, Kevin Geddings' and Ted Sampley's. Those are all very noisy issues that are very loud when they wreak their special havoc. The Healthcare crisis wreaks it's havoc in private lives, and takes it's toll in smaller places, away from cameras and crowds.

I have a rant, today.

ABC/Disney affiliates are set to air what they call a "docudrama" about the events leading up to 9/11.

Produced and vetted by an all Rightwing corps of movie makers, radio personalities, and neoconservative bloggers, this movie doesn't come close to accurately depicting the events that led to 9/11. The movie makers forwarded advanced copies to Rush Limbaugh and Rightwing bloggers for review. They, however, refused -- flat out -- all requests to advance film copies to progressive bloggers or pundits. Even Clinton, Berger and Albright, the primary objects of the Rightwing smears in this movie, have asked for and been refused a copy of the film. To hear Rush Limbaugh rave about how great the movie is, it's no wonder.

Wow. Un.be.lievable.

I know y'all regulars are keeping up with the Netroots fund raising push but did you see the final numbers? We are cookin' with GAS, boys and girls! OK ... ethanol, biodiesel, whatever ... but by god it is getting HOT up in here!!

Check it out at MyDD. My formatting sucks, but the numbers are just un.be.lievable.

Ned Lamont 3,561 $121,173.17 $327,302.45
Jon Tester 2,656 $75,454.10 $120,076.94
James Webb 2,070 $63,703.75 $171,200.97

And now, a midweek break from politics ... with pictures.

The following "leisure read" is one day of Dean Naujok's journals from the 2006 Tour de Neuse -- an annual paddle trip down the Neuse River in the spring. Adair Pickard, a member of the DWJC was among the paddlers in this section, as was Mayor Don Rains of Princeton.

Each day's journal entry offers the reader an education in things he would otherwise never know. For instance, did you know that development run-off over recent years has so silted the Neuse river that our section of the river no longer has many fish or mussels in it at all? Tell that to Fred Smith and the County Commissioners and see if any of them act like they give a damn.

Ooops. This is supposed to be a break from politics, isn't it?

August 5th, 2006: 95 days to set America UPRIGHT again.

If you've got plans this evening and can't make it up to Larry Kissell's BBQ and Bluegrass fundraiser at the fairgrounds, or Heath Shuler's fundraiser up in the mountains (Gov. Hunt will be at that one), then please -- consider sending both of those great NC Congressional candidates a $5, $10 or $20 donation for their campaign this week. Don't be shy, though. They'll take more than $20 if the current economy has been kind to you and you can afford more than $20. Send $5 if that's what you can do. It ALL matters.

My friends in Johnston County might be asking, "Hey, our Congressman has his own campaign to win, doesn't he?"


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