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Nice Elizabeth article today

in the San Francisco Chronicle. I mean 'nice' here in the sense that the writer took the time to listen to some critics,

"You have to look out for other people in this life,'' Guy Smith, a Chronicle reader from Alameda, told me. "If I were in his shoes, I would abandon the campaign and spend time with the woman I love.''

and then he took the time to go further, to look into the deeper dynamics of a life with chronic illness.

That was a lovely thought with all the right intentions. But according to the cancer survivors, counselors and therapists I spoke to, it has just one problem -- it is dead wrong.

Momentum building for Local Governments

Under the Dome today notes that there are now several bills in the NC Lege focused on giving local governments more revenue stream options for dealing with rapid growth.

Five counties, including Wake and Chatham, have asked for a 1 percent transfer tax on real estate sales this session. A fifth bill would give every county the option of levying such a tax.

Glad to hear it.

Todd McGee, spokesman for the N.C. Association of County Commissioners, said lawmakers seem more open to approving the transfer tax this session than they have been in a long time.

"In years past, it's been a downright 'No, we're not going to do that,' " McGee said.

Looks like lawmakers in Raleigh are getting the message.

I'm baaaaack!

Hi Everybody!!!

I've been out of town and/or on vacation all week. I got back Wednesday but with my political and blog hobbies, vacation for this chic meant that I had to stay away from the computer, the phone, the radio, all reading materials and the teevee for the remainder of the week. I cheated a little bit Friday and a smidge yesterday, but mostly I've been incommunicado aaaaall week.

And let me tell you ... it’s been GREAT!!

My s.o. took me to Blowing Rock & Grandfather Mtn. for my birthday. We spent the time dragging our old, out-of-shape 747 wide bodies all over the place hiking and looking and "wow"-ing. Thank God for ice cold mountain streams! Otherwise my feet would have failed me early into the second day. We got home Wednesday but since Thursday I've been piddling in the yard, baking, planting spring veggies, exploring local organic farms (on-line) and doing su doku. Lots of su doku. 8^}

And now I've ruined myself. Tomorrow is Monday and I do NOT want to go back to work. I didn't even go to political meetings I could have gotten to last week. This is what heaven will be like, I just know it ... su doku, good books and piddling in a garden all day. ;)

But today ... I'm getting back to it.

Love the sinner

That's the problem. This is a follow on post to gregflynn's Misanthropy on the Mall; yet another of my long winded comments that just got too big for it's breeches.

The thing about the men who lead rallies like the verbal gay-bash-fest yesterday in Raleigh is that they don't have the first stitch of love or care for anyone in them. Gregflynn is absolutely right about that. Not one bit of their goal is about love or helping gays. They lay every problem in this nation and even in other nations at the feet of those who do not believe exactly like them. Gay, straight, whatever. As W would say,

They hate us for our freedoms.

Saturday Morning Coffee with Elizabeth Edwards

No, not in person, sadly -- just in a post. Don't hate me for getting your hopes up. :)

The Democratic Women in these parts started a fund-raiser last year we call "Lunch in a Bag." It consists of amazing chili and brunswick stew (with other stuff like bread and cookies, etc.) and its sold and prepared by pre-order especially for folks to have on the first weekend of March Madness.

Well, the chili is now in the final phase. Flavors are melding and the consistency is approaching perfect. My work is nearly done, so I'm sitting here with my French press coffee and not much else to do. I'd write a new post, but this morning I'm not sure I could figure out what 2+2 is, much less make any sense in a written composition. Since we have a whole lot of new registrants and traffic here at blueNC and Saturday is usually a relaxed day, I thought I would finally cross post something I put up at dKos back in December. Its about Elizabeth Edwards.

Oh. right. You probably figured that out by the post Title. See? Not too sharp this morning.

Why don't we just skip right to the post? ;)

On the Death of my Pre-Dawn Light

This is the sweet face who usually gets me out of bed every morning. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But, once out of bed, stronger medicine is required. My habit for the last several years has been to drink many warm cups of coffee while doing morning chores; dishes, reading, lunches, writing, taking to school, commenting, getting ready for work, etc. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that when one so set in her ways as I is denied a morning habit, the world -- in that home, anyway -- goes still on its axis. It is Tragedy. There is no other way to describe it. There is wailing and gnashing of teeth. It was a rip in my personal space/time continuum, that moment of realization; today, Leslie H, you will not, can not, have that wonderful creation from Nature’s God, caffeine.

Bobby is mad, y'all.

Regardless if one terms the President's announced change in policy a surge or an escalation or an augmentation, the so-called new plan can be summed up in four words: more of the same.

Congressman Bob Etheridge has had it! He's mad, y'all, and rightfully so. He's a rock solid pro-military Democrat but he has had all the b.s. he can take from W. He got his snark on in the House Tuesday.

She wrote her first letter to her Congressman yesterday

I have a dear friend in Fuquay-Varina. She is the youngest child and six years ago brought her aging but still very active parents up from Florida to live with her. In those six years her parents (75 & 80) have had medical emergencies and issues like anyone who's reached such an admirable age would have. Along with those medical challenges has come frustration upon frustration with a system that seems to be getting more and more difficult for her folks to navigate, year on year.

My friend is like I used to be. For her, fun is sitting around on the weekend anywhere -- fishing, watching football, reading the paper -- and bitching about politics. But voting is as far as the need to do anything ever went for her. She's never written her Congressman or gone to a Democratic meeting or joined a political group or donated money to a campaign. (Full disclosure: I got her to come to the John Edwards homecoming in CH.) She is, however, very sincere about her voting, does her research and votes whenever they give her the chance. She and her folks really like their Congressman -- couldn't be happier with him. Still, a big boil-over for her and for so many truly average, solidly middle of the road Americans like her and her parents and her sisters is in process as I write. They are tired of hearing talk. They're ready for action. They will cheer when they finally get it. Loudly.

Affairs which properly concern us

French poet Paul Valery once said,

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them."

We know all too well how true this is in the Federal Government. The whole “Crashing the Gate” concept is built around tearing down walls between regular citizens, our elections and our government. That, however, is not the only place we are prevented from “taking part in affairs which properly concern us.”

In no political arena is Valery's anecdote truer than in North Carolina counties where populations are multiplying, water supplies are thinning, schools are bursting at the seams and other services are either held together with duck tape and bailing wire, or held up by credit.

I saw the future last night ...

the future of Johnston county. It may be the future of your county, too, if you live nextdoor to a metropolitan area.

The room was, as expected, stuffed full of developers, more realtors, and housing industry people. They all cheered and clapped whenever someone stood to expound upon the evil, the destruction and the fear we all should feel from "Smart Growth" initiatives.


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