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Mother Hubbard goes to Jones Street

A quick personal adventure story ...

On June 19th the Democratic Women of NC had our Legislative day. That was also a big push day for H91, the same day voter registration bill. Before the speakers started for the gathering of Democratic women, I went to see if I could drop in on our Johnston County legislators. It was my first ever time on Jones street (well, since my 8th grade field trip anyway) and I was excited and nervous and wondering what the heck I thought I was doing and determined to have my average voice heard ... and ALL that stuff.

It was a very busy day for Legislators and I was only able to speak with James Langdon, R-House District 28.

fp by gf

So NOW unethical corporate outsourcing matters, right?

The Senate is taking a looky-look at outsourcing by big corporations. From the N&O this morning:

These companies hire workers on H1-B visas, which allow technology specialists and other professionals to work in the United States. At least seven of the nine companies queried name either IBM, Red Hat, SAS or some combination of the three among their "strategic partners" -- companies for which they provide outsourcing services.

Our Crippling Lack of Science and Tech workers

So, how many of you fell for it ... the spin that there is a crippling lack of qualified science and technology workers coming out of American schools? Have you heard the clamoring of companies screaming for more H-1B visas to hire engineers, chemists, researchers and data base administrators from overseas?

Well, friends and neighbors, we've been had ... AGAIN!!

Turns out, the shortage of American workers for those jobs is pure. T. bull. hockey.

Jousting with the Propaganda Windmill

We've all gotten them ... the conservative propaganda emails on various subjects. For me, they're like small windows into an unmerciful, ungracious, ugly place that I would never voluntary choose to enter.

However, when my face is forced to this window and I can't help but look at the ugliness, my reaction is primal and visceral. I have to close my eyes and turn away before the scene makes me puke.

I got an especially disturbing anti-immigrant email recently.

After I read it, "I did NOT want to see that," was the brightest thought that ran through my mind. Next was, "But now that I have see it, what do I do, what do I say, what do I write? This cannot go unanswered."

A serious discussion NC counties need to have ...

This fact sheet on land transfer taxes from Chatham County is timely, informative, thought provoking and accurate.

So far, the General Assembly has only granted seven counties in the northeastern part of the state (Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Pasquotank, Perquimans and Washington) [the authority] to levy a land transfer tax. Only Washington County has opted not to levy the tax.

The counties without the land transfer tax must rely on property taxes, state-authorized sales taxes and other limited fees, which rarely keep pace with demands for schools, water-sewer and other important needs.

I've been puzzling over this issue and talking to people about it for a few months now. Besides getting Johnston County off of Aero-Contractors' payroll, I think this is the most pressing moral issue facing our homey little triangle satellite county. I speak about transfer taxes here in relation to Johnston, but this is truly a statewide issue as other BlueNC diarists have noted.

Why? Because ...

Cool sciencey quick post... for fun.

There seem to be a lot of biologist types and generally well-rounded nerds and geeks around here, so I thought I'd do a quick post to a really cool symposium webpage I happened upon whilst surf-reading in the last few days.

In the last five years I lost a job, went back to school and got another job. The time back in school was so much more than time back in school, though. It was wonderful. Truly wonderful.

When dogma rules, We all lose.

I wrote yesterday about two progressive Domestic Violence laws ratified by the General Assembly this week. Many of you were touched by the issue as a whole. I was trying to shine at least a dim light on the people who help women get out of destructive abusive or violent relationships.

In recent weeks, others here at blueNC have written eloquently about the outlandish and discriminatory 'Defense of Marriage' laws and constitutional ammendments currently being pushed by mindless dogmatic radicals like Called2Action and Fred Smith.

Those are two issues, mildly related, but independent enough that one couldn't overlap the other.




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