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HELP!! My Commissioners are wasting my tax money.


I got my second glossy colored 8.5x11 mailer this week from the Home Ticks Johnston County Property Owners Against Transfer Taxes. It says,

Johnston County doesn't have a revenue problem -- it has a spending problem.

"Hmmm", I thought. No time to waste!
I'd better look into this thing, post haste!!

Actually, I had a snarky suspicion that the only problem here was the Home Ticks Johnston County Property Owners Against Transfer Taxes honesty problem. Keep reading to find out where that question led me next ...

We got information from prisoners the old fashioned way.

If you've ever heard rumors of what interrogators have done in the name of American Security in the past, or wondered if Tom Clancy knew things you didn't know, this is going to shock you. Seriously. The Washington Post ran an in depth story on the Nuremberg interrogators this weekend.

No, it' s not what you think. No, we haven't always done this stuff. Yes, we have been lied to. Yes, we can be better than we are now. And without a doubt, surely it is true that the worst among us have risen to rule over us.

Excuse me, but WHAT THE _________???!!!

A lot of y'all are about to be pissed all the heck at me. I'm really sorry about that, but sometimes you gotta call bullshit even on your friends. I do not know why and today I am sick, but still have to go to work and I do not have the patience nor fortitude to find out, "Why". If someone else does, please help me understand this ...  without reminding me of party affiliation.

Sunday's creative procrastination (with uncensored rant)

Fred made the front page of the NCDP website. Isn't it sweet of Jerry to give Fred some attention? ;)  ... well deserved, I might ad.

Also, there is a good article in the N&O on family job leave to care for injured soldiers.

Warning: Uncensored rant ahead ...

I am aghast. That N&O article hurts like a bitch. These men and women sacrifice their lives and treasures to serve our country whenever they are called and wherever they're needed and this is how we treat them? Where does it end?

Medical bills: Ever tried to understand one?

It seems the dialogue has begun and the ground swell is well underway to insert some sanity -- forcefully if necessary -- into the American Health care system. Whether or not they have the spine to speaking out in favor of Universal Health Care, there aren't many people around anymore who will claim the system is fine and we don't need to touch it.

A glaring case in point came across my googly reader today.

Hey, sister. Hey, friend. Will you run?

What do these NC General Assembly members have in common?

Lucy Allen, Julia Boseman, Linda Coleman, Janet Cowell, Margaret Dickson, Katie Dorsett, Susan Fisher, Alice Graham Underhill, Pricey Harrison, Maggie Jeffus

Yep. They're all women. Very good!!! :)
Yep. They're all relative newcomers to the GA. You know your stuff!!
Yep. They're all well respected progressive Legislators.

But there's something else that links them.

Core Democratic value: I am my sister's keeper.

In NC we're a little spoiled. We have Democratic Party leadership that truly respects and appreciates the little guys.

Last year was the first Sanford-Hunt Dinner, a low-dollar fund raiser (30/plate) that honors two outstanding former NC Governors, Terry Sanford and Jim Hunt. According to Jerry Meek, this low-dollar event is now the most profitable fund raiser of the year for the Party. Those who Host and Sponsor and "beFriend" this event -- the big guys -- have their priorities in order. Kudos and Thank you to them all.

Yet more dust ups on the Transfer Tax

Yet more dust ups out at Under the Dome on the Transfer Tax. A winger from afpnc (I think that's Americans for Prosperity, a right wing free-market fundamentalist church group) is over there slinging hooey ... one of the anti-TT guys actually used the term "force a vote" to refer to a referendum on a Transfer Tax.

What???!!! Is he kidding? Force a vote?

Letting the citizens decide is now "forcing a vote?" ... of all the cockamamey rightwing b.s. I've ever heard, that's gotta take the big-fat-hooey cake.

Anglico posted a few blurbs in favor of the TT, but he needs a hand if you get time today.

Remind the afpnc dude of the 10:1 poll PPP just did.

Call a Young Democrat today

and thank her or him for their work. Word comes today from Melissa Price [via Pat B.] that the Senate passed the House version of H91, Registration and Voting at One Stop Sites. The bill allows for voter registration and voting by Absentee ballot at early voting sites up to the weekend before election day.

The YD's made this their Legislative priority for 2007 and they saw it through. At the risk of sounding over 200 years old ...



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