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Love for our Democratic candidates

This started out as a comment, but since I knew I needed to blog about what I did this weekend, I decided to expand my comment on TrueMeckDems post and just go ahead and write up a little something ... imperfectly thought out, though it is.

We have had a question posed here about why Democratic candidates for state wide offices have not been to blueNC to post or dialog with us as they have plummeted deeper and deeper into general election mode.

Vote early during Early Voting!

TrueMeckDem posted a Char-O article about the surge in voter registrations across NC. There is a similar article in today's N&O. The money quote of this one is from Bob Hall, Director of democracy-NC:

"The only way not to have long lines is to increase early voting sites."

I've been out registering new voters and helping voters register at their current addresses a few times over the last month. It is a truly wonderful experience. And it's the easiest dang thing I've ever done.

Celebrating the life and gift of a Hero.

In 2002 I was "optimized" (laid off) from a Telecom company. Jan 2003, thanks to extended benefits for Trade Affected workers and John Edwards' senate office, I finally went back to finish school at Carolina. One course I took in the next two years was to fulfill a requirement (non-western history post 1850 or something like that). It consisted of no class time, which is, frankly, why I chose it.

Praying for Rain on a Rainy day.

We had a nice rain today. I have the windows open and the cross breeze gently passing me as I type is really wonderful. Reminds me of home. But I can't keep from wondering why the farm ponds around here still have not recovered.

I pass a good half dozen of them, ponds that is, between my home in downtown Clayton and my work on Aviation Blvd. These are just open field farm ponds. It doesn't look like any of them are spring fed, but still, not one of them is "full."

And not just that, Mr & Mrs Hard-working North Carolina

Guess who wants to give YOU some real tax relief?

If you're a $50-$100k/year household -- You, the middle of the middle class, the folks among us who spend money at local stores, eat in local restaurants and who usually spend a chunk of vacation money every year right here in the US of A, feeding our economy and keeping it moving -- Obama and the Democrats see the strain on your income and they'll do something to help.

Dear Average Hard Working American,

You've cut back on groceries, you don't go to movies or out to eat any more, you don't drive on weekends if you can help it anymore, your expendable income is nil, you KNOW you're getting screwed six ways from Sunday because Big Oil is raking in record breaking windfall profits year after year, quarter after quarter, and laughing all the way to the bank -- and how do Senate Republicans feel about that?

Well, they obviously feel that all is finally right with the world!!!

Frontpaged by James

What Gordon said. And another thing ...

The primary voting is about to begin.

When it is over we'll know who will be running on the Democratic ticket against Liddy Dole, Bob Dole's wife.

That's Bob Dole of Kansas.

That's Bob Dole, who never lived in and does not now live in NC. I'm not sure where Bob lives now, Kansas or DC, but he don't live here.

Liddy Dole was born and raised in NC, but she left for Harvard as soon as she had that Duke degree and NEVER looked back.

Not once.

A simple picture from Berlin

Just a quick little post to put this picture my son took in Berlin. I thought others might find it intriguing. I've gotten emails and questions from friends lately about right-wing legislation to make English the official language of the U.S. People have this odd notion that it is only very recently that official documents were translated in to languages other than English, or other languages could be heard being spoken on American streets. My own parents grew up in Baltimore with kids who had non-English speaking grandparents.


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