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Actual Vote Robin Hudson Blog Entry

As we've seen the impact that the judiciary has on the way we live our lives over the past few years in our increasingly litigious society, we should be reminded how important it is to elect good judges, and insofar as the race for the Justice Wainwright's seat on the NC supreme court the best judge that we could elect would be Robin Hudson.

While I am by no means an expert on the judicial race, nor do I have a vast amount of knowledge on the entire legal careers of the candidates I do personally know Judge Robin Hudson, and I know that she is one of the most strong, intelligent, fair, and hard-working women I have ever met. Beyond the endorsements she has recieved (listed below) and what you can read about her in the media, I can assure you that she is an incredibly impressive woman and a wonderful, thoughtful person who is running for Justice because she wants to serve the state. Judge Hudson is the best candidate in this race.

gastonia-charlotte toll road

Here is a letter I wrote to the editor of the clt observer, but it was not published, so I figured I'd post it here

The NCDOT website says that there are only two policies being
considered on the topic of traffic between Charlotte and Gastonia. The
first option is leaving I-85 corridor as it is. The second studied
option is by building a new road connecting Gastonia to Charlotte's
loop highway (I485) with a projected cost of $600,000,000. The DOT
ignores a third option of building a commuter rail line that would
connect Gastonia to Charlotte.
The state could build a commuter rail line that would connect

Siler City Immigration Protest

I arrived at the Siler City Immigration protest at about 4:15 pm yesterday afternoon. There was a line of people walking from the highway starting about 1.5 miles away. People had signs and nearly everyone had an American flag. There were smiles on everyone's faces as we passed work crews, old couples, young people with their friends, and entire families, including babies in strollers. Nearly everyone was wearing white t-shirt. As we got closer to the protest site we could hear chanting in spanish, a nation divided can never be united. As we drove by the protest site there was line of policemen from siler city, chatham county, and surrounding cities lining the sidewalk. Also people were chanting Yes we can! in spanish. We pulled into press parking (some newspaper workers caught a ride with me( their article is here) and I joined the protest as the journalists went off to inverview and take pictures.

Middle v. Upper Class

Today during the speech by John Edwards that I went to today someone asked the question, why should the middle class have to pay for the poor people....?

My friend said something to me about people in the middle class tending to align themselves with the most upper-class in society, as opposed to aligning themselves with the lower class. It's like everyone has this psychological bent to see themselves as richer than they are. So when Democrats talk about raising taxes for the richest part of society, people are feeling personally attacked. They feel like they are the richest part, and they already are squeezed by the taxes as they are.

John Edwards Spoke on UNC's Campus Today

John Edwards came to UNC Chapel Hill this morning and spoke to an intro economics class of about 300 students from 9:15-9:55. I just wanted to write and let everyone know what he said.

First off Edwards was 15 minutes late getting there, once he arrived he said he just wanted to talk for a few minutes about Income and Asset Gaps and ways to alleviate them.

Edwards spoke of a growing inequality in our nation's distribution of income and wealth, that had become stablized into our economy. He said that these inequalities eroded democracy by the gradual disappearance of the middle class. Edwards segued into his policies by talking about the lack of ability of poor people to save.

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