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So I've been sitting on this video footage from an interview that the Asheville Citizen-Times conducted with Charles Taylor earlier this year, and I've been threatening to do something with this for months. So this morning I woke up, threw on a pot of coffee, fired up the video editing software and decided to do something with this stuff.

So here it is.

Dear all - you need to click the Google video link and go give this a 5-stars. That will increase the exposure it gets. - RP

Charles Taylor Honored By Pro-CAFTA Lobbyists

Via the Asheville USA Today Jr.:

The National Association of Manufacturers will present its Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence to U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor during a ceremony from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. today at the manufacturing facility of Volvo Construction Equipment on Hendersonville Road in Skyland.

The award is presented to members of Congress who vote in the best interest of the manufacturing economy at least 70 percent of the time on key votes, as determined by a committee of the association’s member companies.

Another New Taylor Ad: "His Bo-ah Was Ovah They-ah!"

I'm not entirely sure where to start with this:

Was I the only one who was completely surprised that a choir didn't walk into the frame singing "NIIIIIIINE Eee-Levv-EN!!! NIIIIIIINE Eee-Levv-EN!!!" to the tune of Handel's Hallelujah Chorus?

Anyway, let's just see how much Charles Taylor loves veterans... (below the jump)

Charles Taylor Running His Campaign In the Wrong District!!!

The dirty campaign ads on tv and radio weren't enough, I guess, so here come the dirty campaign fliers!!!

I'm sure at least fifty-thousand of these have already been sent out all over WNC, so if anyone has seen this already I apologize for the redundancy. Someone sent this to me earlier this morning, and I had to share (click the thumbnails to enlarge):

More below the jump...

Fair and Balanced Campaign Advertising in NC-11?

I just encoded and uploaded another Taylor ad (more on that later - Google Video is still processing it. They must be busy right now) that I grabbed from a two-hour chunk of programming from our local BushCo-approved Sinclair Broadcast Group mouthpiece, WLOS, that I TiVo'd last night. (Actually, I TiVo'd four hours of it, but it's all infomercials after Kimmel...)

While I was skimming through it, I decided to keep score as far as the number of campaign ads that were being shown...


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