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It's nothing fancy - a bit monochromatic, really - but I'm thinking that the less this looks like a generic Blogger template, the better. If someone can do me a huge favor and make sure this page loads in their browsers okay, I'd appreciate it.

A little bit more tweaking, and then Blogger tags get added tomorrow, probably before Asheville Drinking Liberally's first birthday party! (Woo Hoo!)

Now all we need is some content...


Syntax, I hope you won't mind my jumping on your bandwagon with three specific points. First, thank you for doing this. Second, I love the transparency of the Internets for something like this. Anyone who wants can see the netroots in action. This is people-powered politics at its finest. And third, I encourage everyone reading to please contribute content. You can post it below or send it by email to any of us.

The Lump's Last Supper

Looks like it's gonna be Peanut Butter Charlie time at the Grove Park this weekend!! Via AC-T:

U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor, R-Brevard, will host his annual Christmas dinner at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville. The dinner is billed as the largest sit-down, political dinner in North Carolina, and this year’s event is expected to draw an even larger crowd than in previous years, according to a Taylor press release.

More than a thousand people typically attend the event, which Taylor, who lost his seat to Democratic challenger Heath Shuler, has hosted since 1992.

The keynote speaker will be Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter, chairman of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee. Hunter will speak about the U.S. military in Iraq, as well as his recommendations for the future of U.S. troops in the Middle East and around the world.

WaPo - "Retributive Justice" for Taylor

Turns out that we (and by "we", I mean the rest of the ScruHoo gang, as well as the rest of the 54% of the people in the 11th Congressional District who voted on Election Day, not to mention pretty much everyone who reads BlueNC) aren't the only ones happy to see Rep. Charles "Lumpy" Taylor go back to the tree farm. Below the jump there's a tidbit from today's op-ed piece by the Washington Post's Colbert I. King

Taylor/Shuler Debate on @ 3:00!

Although Taylor's not even going to be in the same studio as Shuler (he's "stuck in Hendersonville"), the long-awaited debate between them is scheduled to start on WWNC-AM (570) in just a few minutes.

Click here to listen. (Just minimize the window if you get sick of looking at pictures of Hannity and Limbaugh...)

by Robert P. - I'm updating this because the debate is OVER. Taylor hid at another station and broke the rules of the debate. So, Shuler said his piece, said something along the lines of this isn't what I agreed upon and I'm leaving. The response from this right-wing home of Rush Limbaugh?

Pro-Shuler. Every. Single. Caller.

syntax, feel free to delete this if you want to make your own update. People need to know.

WNCNN Season Finale - "Loser"

WNCNN - Where Western NC Comes For Its God Fearin' News!It's a bittersweet time for us here at WNCNN headquarters, as we have just wrapped production on our first season over the weekend. We are proud, and just a little misty, to present our Season Finale of God Fearin' News!

In this episode, Sally Love talks to an overly amorous political science professor with an interesting theory about the future of representative democracy, Nancy Pelosi visits the 11th District and reminds us once again that she's from California, a surprise dark-horse third-party candidate enters the Congressional race, and WNCNN gets ready for the big time as word gets out that they've been purchased by a major corporation!

NC-11: Apparently Voyeurism Is a "Mountain Value"

I saw something this morning that nearly made my eyes pop out of their sockets and definitely caused me to do a spit-take all over my monitor. Before I get into that, a quick note:

One of my favorite movies of all time is the political satire Being There. This film was one of many over the years that have used Asheville's very own Biltmore Estate as its location, and has become a very important and indelible part of our culture here in Western North Carolina. In one of his most memorable roles this side of Inspector Clouseau or Dr. Strangelove, Peter Sellers played the role of Chance the Gardener, a simple man who, through extremely twisted acts of fate, winds up rising to public prominence.

Our local congressman is Republican Charles Taylor. A WNC native, he's also over the last several years become a very important and indelible part of our culture.

Asheville Screening of "Iraq For Sale" - TONIGHT

Just a quick reminder to anyone reading this in the Asheville area - tonight the Asheville chapter of Drinking Liberally is hosting a screening of the new Robert Greenwald documentary, "Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers".

Screening to begin @ 7:30 pm, with discussion to follow afterwards.

Asheville Brewing Company - 77 Coxe Ave. - Downtown

If you can make it, we'd love to have you!

WNCNN Episode 5 - "Our Vanishing Mountain Values"

WNCNN - Where Western NC Comes For Its God Fearin' News!WNCNN returns with its fifth episode of God Fearin' News!

In this episode our crack news team explores what has become a salient issue late in the election cycle: our vanishing mountain values. Roving reporter Sally Love is on the scene at a recent Immigration Town Hall Meeting, and gets an interview with Kristopher Kampbell Kline, the Imperial Grand Super Wizard of the 988th White District of the United States of White America; Crush fetishism is explained and demonstrated, and our own Mad Miss Maddie returns with a word or two about CAFTA...


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