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Damn this guy really pisses me off.
(emphasis mine is emboldened)

January 24, 2012

Energy costs have risen sharply in recent years, fueled by everything from rogue foreign governments to too many people in the United States government lining their own pockets. Few people recognize that we're an oil producing nation, and this past year we've set new records in oil and gas production—but I believe more must be done. For every step we take in the right direction, it seems that failed policies and political games take us three steps back. I want to take this opportunity to lay out some aspects of a comprehensive Energy plan that I support and believe will show positive results immediately—lowering costs, creating jobs and giving working families and small businesses the only thing they really want from government: a fair shot.

Keystone XL will create American jobs

Cement Sector Regulatory Relief Act of 2011

Once again I have that "where was I and was I asleep or what?"
This POS bill passed Oct.6 2011. Kissell is listed as one of the cosponsors.
What is wrong with these reps? Are they retarded or corrupted?
Most of these pinheads would outlaw abortion but apparently don't give a damn about mercury and birth defects.

The tags should be 'completely frustrated, can't take it anymore and goin' nuts'...

Note to R.Hayes

I received another email from Robin Hayes.
This one is about his concerns that FISA is not adequate and Nancy Pelosi's efforts to "squash this important legislation". He is worried that with todays fast paced communications we are in jeopardy employing the "old" FISA. He says we can't threaten the telecoms with lawsuits and expect them to continue "helping".
And as usual he "will continue to monitor this situation". blah, blah, blah. Bullshit.

Is Impeachment Off the Table?

I sent another letter to the most heinous Rep.R. Hayes.
Not the first, not the last..may not even matter..
He would have to recognize the difference between right and wrong and actually "listen" to the constituents for it to matter.. big duh, huh..

Jan 30, 2008

Representative Robin Hayes
Independence Avenue and 1st Street, SE
Washington, DC 20515-3308

Dear Representative Hayes,


The media is excluding candidates from the debates. AGAIN!
Lately it's been the media (IE..ABC/Disney, Fox & now NBC/GE) that want to exclude viable candidates. These media outlets and their pundits are trying to select your candidates and manipulate the public perception of exactly who is viable and electable with words and polls.

Take action, please...

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