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ALIPAC.US Wasn't Paying Taxes Until After I Turned Them In to the Tax Man!

Shame on ALIPAC.US for not paying it's employer taxes or withholding income taxes from employee wages until after the Watchman over at ALIPAC.NET turned them in to the IRS.

ALIPAC.US is always throwing stones at immigrants claiming they don't pay taxes, when in fact immigrants pay taxes through payroll deduction like everyone else (except ALIPAC.US of course).

ALIPAC President Thinks Idea of Shooting Illegal Immigrants for Bounty is "Humorous"

ALIPAC claims to be a group of moderates, opposed only to illegal immigration, that does not allow discussion of violence or racism on its board. However, the truth is they are very xenophobic, and some are racists as well.

Here's a classic post. Scary stuff! A member of ALIPAC posted the idea to turn "redn**ks with shotguns" loose for a $5,000 bounty to shoot illegal immigrant Mexicans and solve the problem. Other ALIPACers had similar thoughts. The President of ALIPAC, William Gheen ("W") thought the whole idea was "humorous"!

Here's a link to the actual thread, in case anyone does not believe me. Read starting with post by PintoBean, and the other pages too.
Here's a version with annotated comments, in case the attention drawn to this thread results in deletion:

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