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Since I Disappeared. . .

A lot has happened since I disappeared from this site, which I enjoyed reading, posting, and commenting on from the springtime when I discovered this wonderful forum of people and their ideas.

I landed a great job in Chapel Hill, and I'm trying to sell my house in Forsyth County, which means I'm commuting 65 mins one way each day. So much for blogging time, and a lot of other things,for that matter.

So I thought I'd check in with you guys on a rare day off with some random thoughts.

9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

It's not enough for you to claim at the end of your veto that the legislative branch is acting unconstitutionally by doing its constitutional function, which is legislating (then again, nobody will EVER mistake you for a constitutional scholar now, will they?).

Mission Accomplished

Ah, it was only four years ago today that we saw you touch down on the deck of the aircraft carrier wearing the outfit that your costume-designer in chief, Karl Rove, adoringly said, "really accentuates your manhood."

And now to commemorate your pile of lies and your incompetent, unwinnable war, with its thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of missing limbs and gallons of blood, gather 'round your cronies---"Heckuva job, Halliburton! Heckuva job, Blackwater!"---and raise a glass. To quote Borat, your toast shall forever be, "May George Bush drink the blood of the women and children of Iraq!"

Coming Out for Obama

As a North Carolina Democratic activist (not for as long as most of you!), I'm surrounded by Edwards supporters, and I respect Edwards for his conscience and his ideas. But after many months of trying to decide which way to throw my support, I'm going with Barack Obama.

You don't have to politicize EVERYTHING, stupid!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech. I am blessed to have several Hokies in my life, and I know they are all hurting on some level as a result of this tragedy.

I'm not going to write some anti-gun tirade. I know the Democratic Party is a big-tent party and that we have several champions in our party who are pro-gun.

But I'm really irritated that in this time of grief, Presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino said the following:

Why Show Leadership on Serious Issues, When You Can Just Parrot the Cable News Networks

Who woulda thought! Hillary gets her Sista Souljah moment before the primaries---just like in her dreams.

What we need is real leadership on real issues, not someone who parrots cable news to exploit a bad situation. What a joke her campaign has become.

See for yourself in an email that went out to her mailing list just a short while ago:

When our children are young, we teach them to dream big and reach for the stars, and that if they work hard enough they can accomplish anything.

This year the Rutgers women's basketball team defied the odds and lived up to their dreams, providing inspiration to every little boy and girl beginning to pick up a ball or open a book. These remarkable young women reached the pinnacle of success and won the hearts of basketball fans everywhere with their grace, skill, and poise. They are role models deserving our praise -- and our support.

Above the Law: The Attorney General?!

I know we're all feeling a little Bushwhacked after 6 long years of this guy and his horde of minions running the country, but did any of you get a load of the news out of the justice department late last week and over the weekend?

Democratic Senate leaders are calling for the resignation of Attorney General Alberto "Torture is A-Ok" Gonzalez. As if his reasoning that the Geneva Conventions is a pro-torture document wasn't enough reason to put him in jail, much less take him out of our GOVERNMENT, we now find that he's firing US attorneys under the direction of Karl Rove. Some might call it a "Plaming" of the justice department.

And we also found out that the FBI has been abusing the Patriot Act, needlessly accessing bank and phone records of thousands of Americans while they sleep the blissful sleep of the drugged and apathetic. If they fire US attorneys for not exercising their political will, we can only wonder what they are planning to do with our personal information. Who knew that when they came up with the term, "identity theft," they'd be talking about the action of a government bureau!

Here's Something I'm Doing to Stop the Fundies

Here's a copy of the body of an email I sent to my state Senator, Linda Garrou, this morning:

I hope you are doing well as you take care of the people's business in Raleigh. I just wanted to drop you a line to see what your thoughts/feelings are about the measures that have been presented in the House and Senate that seek to amend the state constitution regarding marriage.

I find these measures troubling on many levels, as I am a concerned citizen, active in the community here, and I'm the new chair of precinct 82 for the Forsyth Democratic Party. Is there anything that you are doing to fight these mean-spirited measures that seek to enshrine discrimination into our state constitution? I know we already have a couple of laws on the books concerning this issue (an antiquated measure from the 19th century and a mean-spirited act from the mid 1990s), and, while I disagree with them, I respect them as the law of this state until a judge or panel of judges sees fit to show them for what they are----an unconstitutional tyranny of the majority.

Stand Up to this Garbage

I think it's great that Ann Coulter and the conservatives at this weekend's CPAC convention in Washington want to slur John Edwards with homophobic slurs and laugh about it. The HUGE irony here is that many at the convention are fretting over the slate of Republican presidential candidates lacking true Christian values.

I think it's great because it shows these people for what they really are----power-obsessed jerks who will summon up all measure of bile and hate just to win an election. A far cry from Jesus Christ's sermon on the mount, don't you think?

To Edwards's credit, his campaign has responded by using Coulter's slur to raise money. This morning on his website, they are trying to raise a little "Coulter Cash" to help end the culture of bigotry that folks like Coulter, Karl Rove and the men they serve----that's you, George W Bush---have created in this country.


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