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Best of Luck to All!

It's 5:00 am.. the alarm rings ...

That means candidates, volunteers and campaign staff all across North Carolina are getting up, ready to begin one of the most exciting Primary Election Days in recent history. To all of them, I raise my mug in toast and appreciation for all you have done and will do to further the democratic process.

I hope you have a most wonderful day. Tomorrow, you rest.

Thanks gcloud. (Graphic added by James.) Let us know what's happening out there!

Is Gay the new Black?


If you were wondering where Bush would get his extra troops, General John M. Shalikashvili (ret.), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1993 to 1997, says it may be time to allow gay and lesbian soldiers in the US Military.

To me, what we have here isn't inclusion as much as a way to get extra bodies - sacrificial ones - on the front lines. History repeats itself.

I fear Pastor Martin Niemöller's words will be forgotten.

John Edwards: Renewed Hope

As the Holidays sped by, the idea of a Chapel Hill rally for John Edwards seemed less and less interesting. I was tired, sore, and felt overwhelmed with work and family situations.

Then I looked at my wife.

This woman, whose memories are filled with National Convention broadcasts and political discussions with her hard-core Democratic father, was once again a child. As the days approached, her excitement could be measured on the Richter scale. There was no way I could deny her this satisfcation, nor would I. For this woman, political involvement is a family legacy.

After an hour's drive of interesting discussions with my wife and a friend, we arrived at Southern Village, a Chapel Hill development whose story is best left for another time. Before us was a facsimile of a small town, or what planners believed a small town should be. On the center commons stood the scaffolded stage where, in a few hours, we would hear from Senator Edwards.

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