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Charter School Run by National Heritage group- opposed by many local organizations in Orange County

Please go to Change.org to sign the petition opposing a charter school in Orange County. This school project is organized by a group that has not improved achievement elsewhere in the state. It is funded by some fairly right wing politicos, not the right group to foster good educational programs.

This will be approved on Feb 1-2 unless there is clear opposition, with many letters written, so hurry.

Tonight's debate

I had a phone call just before the debate began, telling me to watch it.

I am watching it. It was someone claiming to be from the Elaine Marshall campaign, a campaign consultant? ron campbell?

Can anyone explain that?

I have a ton of friends making calls for her candidacy.

And I encourage everyone to vote this week, or Saturday, or Tuesday.

We have a choice between two worthwhile candidates. Neither one is perfect, but surely one or the other has some qualifications or positions you would want to see represented in DC.

Just a senator. But someone to prefer over what NC has in DC right now.

I enthusiastically will work to win this seat.

Too much is at stake. Redistricting of congressional lines. Getting things done in DC that will make our democracy work better.

We can be a better country.

"Organizing for America Ramps Up" must read

This Tom Schaller article has an interview with the OFA people explaining the relationship between OFA and DNC and other interesting topics. Explains the importance of the many many voters who voted for the first time in 2006 and 2008, 70% went for the President. So we want them to participate in this election too.

Read it. http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/2010/06/organizing-for-america-ramps-up-for.html

and then after you read it, go to OFA site and pick your event for this weekend. ALL HANDS ON DECK.


We did not fret and sweat so hard to elect the President, to now leave him all alone in DC.

We may not be able to get rid of Fox News but we can get out our voters.

Job Growth in april 2010 bikini chart

this bikini shaped chart of job losses and job growth is stunning.

I am a yellow dog Democrat, even before I see the charts. But I would think a few Republicans who are earnest and open minded, would have to scratch their heads. What is fiscally conservative and productive about the Republican regimes?


Orange County Convention

So today Orange County had a very good convention. Starting with good food, and good organization, and great attendance by youth, seniors, and some in betweens.

IT brought home to me how important it is to get out the vote. We could look like Massachusetts, we could look like Wake County. We better wake up.

Orange County discussions on homelessness

You are invited to attend one of the community discussions about housing for the Homeless: 3/31, 4/5, or 4/13 at So Human Services Center on Homestead Rd, CH. 7-9 pm.

The IFC will implement a special use permit process (SUP) with the Town of Chapel Hill formal SUP Community House application on June 8.

You can find more information about Community House, homelessness and other community challenges on our blog at http://marchonpoverty.blogspot.com/.

The Inter-Faith Council will host “community discussions” facilitated by Phil Boyle and F. Scottie Seawell of Leading and Governing Associates.

Not everyone is supporting the move from the Old Municipal Building to the proposed site at 1315 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The IFC has sent invitations to about 1,500 neighbors near the MLK location so we can share the facts about our plans, learn more about opposing views and hear suggestions.

Move Your Money: Can North Carolina do what New Mexico is doing?

Here is a story about how New Mexico is considering moving its state funds to smaller local banks, away from the big four banks. This is part of a larger campaign to get folks to MOVE THEIR MONEY - initiated by Ariana Huffington and some economists.

To strengthen the little banks that are actually lending to small business and home buyers, and put pressure on the big four to be better citizens with better treatment of their customers. Could this happen in our state? Read it here.

action needed Racial Justice Act

The leadership of the Senate has been working against the bill and has succeeded in weakening support for the racial justice act.

Contact your senator and ask them, Marc Basnight, Tony Rand to support the Racial Justice Act.

Sen. Marc Basnight: (919) 733-6854
Sen. Tony Rand: (919) 733-9892



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