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Good Ole' Boys network and the NC State Bar Part 2

After my post concerning the Good Ole' Boy network at the NC State Bar I was sent a letter by Attorney Hartsell praising the conduct and the way the State Bar investigates it's members who have had a grievance filed against them. Below is a copy of her letter. I called her number and was able to speak directly with her. She was very nice to speak to and was honest in her feeling about the Good Ole' Boys club in the State of NC. I told her I would send all the information I had concerning my grievance with the Attorney in question and was rather shocked at her answer. What seemed sincere to me in my honest opinion was nothing more than a conveniently righteous view of the State Bar and it's unethical behavior and her defense of it. I was dismissed in a brief statement giving me options as to what I could do. I tried her suggestions the first day and it was a joke. Anyway here is her response and her final letter.

It's time to address the issue of the State Bar disciplinary tactics and it's Good Ole boy network.

I am asking anyone who has had a problem with filing a grievance with the State Bar and who has proven beyound a reasonable doubt that a lawyer has indeed failed to act in an ethical manner to contact me.

I have spoken to some and now would like to form a group that can act together to show force and right the wrong that has been the norm for too many years. When will the State Bar realize that it will not be tolerated any longer.

Poor Mr. Merritt

It's a shame that Mr. Merritt had to resign from his position on the ethics board but there is a saving grace. Mr. Merritt hop on over to the State Bar and you will easily find a good paying job. Plus they have no ethics there at all so it works out great for everyone except the public but who cares about them anyway.....Start by taking the lawyers out for a fine dinner but make sure you pick up the tab or they will probably fire you....Just bribe them like everyone else and you will be loved. Good luck in your new position.

PT 5 of NC State Bar corruption and a question for those that have followed this blog

To those of you who have followed my blog about the NC State Bar Corruption I have a question. I have transcripts of tape recorded conversations and documents that what I have said about the corruption in the legal system of NC is true. This concerns some mighty well known Attorneys and some not so well known. My question is this: Can I post the names of these attorneys and the documents and transcripts of the recorded conversations and do so legally. What I have is true and I can prove it. I hope to hear from those that know the answer. Thank you

PT 4 Response from NC State Bar

April 15th 2013. Today I received a letter from the North Carolina State Bar office of Counsel. In the letter it states

" The Grievance Committee is empowered to determine whether a lawyer violated the Rules

of Professional Conduct and, if so , to impose appropriate professional discipline. The

Grievance Committee can only impose professional discipline when there is clear, cogent and

convincing evidence that the lawyer violated the Rules of Professional Conduct............"

Stevie Wonder could see that what was done by the lawyer in question violated the rules of 1.8

and this was pointed out by two other lawyers. The other Attorney's can't help because they know the lawyer.

Beginning Friday April 26th. I will begin to send out letters with transcriptions of tape recorded conversations

I had with one of those lawyers in an attempt to prove to a potential lawyer that what I am saying can be verified

PT 3 NC State Bar Corruption clarification

It has been brought to my attention that the Bar Association has asked for clarification of the statements I made
concerning the difference between the Bar Association and the North Carolina State Bar. My grievance was filed against the attorney through the North Carolina State Bar and not the Bar Association. I admit it was my mistake but was an unintentional mistake.
I am also in the process of finding out if I may use names and addresses of all the parties involved in this debacle from the lawyer who I filed the grievance against to a list of those attorneys who knew what he did was unethical but never brought it to the attention of the NC State Bar.

Corruption in the NC State Bar Association

I have proof positive that a Lawyer in this state has broken every rule of the ethical standards they use to practice. I have tape recorded conversations , bank statements and more, including cash payoffs. Other Lawyers I have spoken to agree that what was done is totally illegal and against every rule of 1.8 of the NCSBA. Try to get any satisfaction and you may as well stop dead in your tracks. Lawyers will do anything to cover themselves and they do it very well. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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