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Elizabeth Edwards on Tony Snow's Life and Passing

Elizabeth penned a column for Newsweek that was published on its website this afternoon. Her thoughts are candid, especially when Elizabeth shared her vulnerability with readers this way:

And when he died, I cried. I know I cried not just for him, but-filled with fear-for myself as well. The diagnoses of our cancer recurrences ("recurrences" being one of those misnomers we simply endure) tumbled out upon one another by days, and I felt-and feel- connected to a man who loved what I loved, although we came to nearly every argument from opposite corners of the ring.

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How I Wish Brad Miller Were My Congressman

Yesterday, I got home from a 5 day trip to Wisconsin, the home state of Frank Lloyd Wright and Senator Russ Feingold, the only senator who seems to want censure of King George and Prince Grumpy. Wisconsin is full of hills, trees, lakes, golf courses, etc, just like the state of North Carolina. But Wisconsin doesn’t have Brad Miller, and as a resident of Ilinois, I have a do-nuthin’ congressman who happens to be a Republican. I wish Brad Miller was my congressman. I’ll tell you why.

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