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Charlotte Observer calls out Tillis - again

You can see why the schmuck thinks his daily newspaper is roadkill.

The special N.C. legislative session that convened Thursday didn't feature another sneaky, post-midnight vote on controversial legislation, making a mockery of transparency in government and the public's right to know. But House Speaker Thom Tillis still managed to shunt the public aside last week with another ill-advised move.

Hat tip to Progressive Pulse.

Women on Wednesdays: Enough is enough

I wish I could talk to each of our Democratic women legislators right now, especially those who have decided not to run for reelection. I know they are discouraged and worn out, but the truth is we need them more than ever. Yet even without them, I am optimistic that we can stop the Republican Party from turning women into second-class citizens in North Carolina.

Why the optimism? It's simple. The women I know are fed up with men in government trying to interfere in their personal choices. What's more, they are speaking out and acting up like never before. From concerns about contraception and family planning to abortion rights an dequal pay, women are gearing up to push back against Republican over-reaching. And they are going to turn out in droves this fall.


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