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Durham "Raucous Caucus"

The Durham Democratic Women held their "Raucous Caucus" at the downtown library last night. It's modeled on any o fthe several state nominating caucuses that have already been held - "delegates" arrive, announce which candidate they're supporting, and gather in a part of the room with other like minded folks. If you're so inclined, you can address the gathered masses and explain why you're supporting who you're supporting, and why you think everybody else should change their mind and support the candidate of your choice.

NC Senate 20th district - ballot results

We have a new state Senator.

After 4 ballots, Durham County Democratic Party chair Floyd McKissick, Jr., was elected to fill the remaining term of the late Senator Jeanne Lucas.

There were 91 eligible electors. 86 votes were cast on the first ballot, and 83 on each of the subsequent ballots. 44 votes were needed to win on the first ballot, 43 on each of the subsequent ballots, using the "50% + 1 of cast ballots" rules.

After the first ballot, the tally was

McKissick - 38
Black - 24
Cole-McFadden - 17
Johnson - 5
Burnette - 1
Pollard - 1

Due to a quirk in the balloting rules, with two candidates tied for the fewest number of votes, neither was eliminated for the second ballot.

Second ballot results:

McKissick - 38
Black - 28
Cole-McFadden - 12
Johnson - 2
Pollard - 2

NC Senate 20th district- update

I've spoken over the past week directly with about half of the candidates to replace the late Sen. Jeanne Lucas, and with supporters of every candidate. It's been an educational process for me, and i'm about 75% certain who i'm going to vote for.

Which is, i guess, a good thing, since the first ballot will likely be cast about 9 hours from now.

Overall, the public process has been positive. All of the emails i've read on official Democratic mailing lists have extolled the virtues of the various candidates, explaining why he or she would be the best to send to Raleigh. There's been a small number of negative emails that have circulated to various subgroups of the public lists. I'm not sure how the recipients of these were chosen. Most of the senders seem unfamiliar with the use of the "BCC" field, so trying to piece together how the list was generated by the addresses mailed to could be a day project for Encyclopedia Brown, if he's so inclined.

NC Senate apologizes for slavery; House adjourns

From the Associated Press:

The North Carolina Senate apologized Thursday for the Legislature's role in promoting slavery and Jim Crow laws that denied basic human rights to the state's black citizens.

Following the lead of lawmakers in neighboring Virginia, the Senate unanimously backed a resolution acknowledging its "profound contrition for the official acts that sanctioned and perpetuated the denial of basic human rights and dignity to fellow humans.

. . .

The North Carolina House would have to approve the measure for it to be formalized. A similar resolution is pending in state House, which adjourned for the Easter holiday weekend on Thursday without taking any action.

NC Senate 20th district

Senator Jeanne Lucas, who so ably represented the 20th district and Durham County in the State Senate for nearly 14 years, passed away last month.

It falls upon members of the Executive Committee of the Durham County Democratic Party to nominate a replacement to finish her term of office. (I love sentences with so many capital letters. They exude importance.)

On Saturday 3/31, candidates for the seat met in a forum sponsored by Young Democrats of Durham County, and Durham Democratic Women, to answer questions about why they were seeking the seat, and what agenda they would carry out should they earn the nomination.

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