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Jack Nichols: License to Steal???

Former Wake County Commissioner, Jack Nichols and the North Carolina Board of Nursing are under investigation by the North Carolina State Bar, The North Carolina Attorney General's Office, the Governor's Office and the North Carolina State Auditor.

One of the 133 Counts listed in the COMPLAINT is that he stole evidence from a courthouse file.

Probably the most serious charge, however, is that he improperly orchestrated a state agency, the North Carolina Board of Nursing, to hire him as its general counsel to provide litigation services.

Judge Allen Baddour: A Sexual Predator's Get Out of Jail Free Card

Superior Court Judge "Richard" Allen Baddour, Jr. ruled that two parts of a North Carolina general statute aimed at protecting children from child molesters are unconstitutionally vague and unconstitutionally overbroad.

Baddour said in his opinion the statues infringe on the constitutionally protected right to worship. However, Baddour failed to address why child molesters could not simply worship at the overwhelming number of churches that do not provide on-premise childcare.

His decision came after authorities arrested registered sex offender James Nichols for attending a Baptist church outside of Raleigh because the church provided on-premise childcare.

Outlier Magazine to Target Judicial Elections

A new blog has been formed to (among other things) target the record of certain judges in the upcoming 2012 and 2014 North Carolina Judicial Elections.

Most voters go to the polls in North Carolina with little or no knowledge of who these judges are. ( Outlier Magazine seeks to change that dynamic.

First up Judge Allen Baddour of Chatham, Orange, Wake and any other county they assign him to. An investigation reveals that even though he makes around 4 times what the average North Carolina resident makes, Judge Baddour has WILLFULLY failed to pay his overdue property taxes in the amount of $7,662.96.

Baddour is also under investigation by the State Board of Elections, for violations of campaign finance disclosure laws dealing with his judicial campaign in which he won by only 45 votes.


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