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What's With Judge Baddour & Sexual Predators?

In Outlier Magazine's November article entitled "Judge Allen Baddour is a Sexual Predator's Get Out of Jail Free Card?" we raised the issue of Baddour's decision to allow sexual predators to have unrestricted access to churches with on-site childcare. We questioned his myopic decision making ability, in that he focused on the sexual predator's right to worship, but did not consider the simple solution of saying they could worship at the overwhelming number of houses of worship without on-site childcare.

Now, we have discovered that he also ruled that because a Chatham County man was convicted of sex offenses before the state adopted a monitoring law, he does not have to wear a satellite tracking monitor.

Tim Thomas: Racism Trumps All Concerns

Tim Thomas

Hockey MVP Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins snubbed the trip to the White House. He did it because of racism, pure and simple. When he saw that there would be public push back and not just back slapping praise from his good ole boys, he released a long-winded statement of how he was protesting against both parties and yada, yada, yada.

The clearest sign of progress in our country on the racial front appears to be the acceptance that racists must now use the term "socialist" instead of the "N" word and claim dissatisfaction with the size of the federal government to mask the fact that they just can't accept a black man in the White House.

Was Judge Donald Stephens Black-balled?

When considering why it is so important to have an informed electorate prior to our judicial elections, consider this: Former House Speaker Jim Black was sentenced to federal prison for corruption and was allowed to pay off half of a $1 million fine with the transfer of some land he used to own. Wake County School Board member Ray Margiotta and many others voiced their opposition to the deal and said that Black should have paid off the entire $1 million fine in cash. (Hey, look, the guy had the resources!)

"Toes Up On The Lawn" Said The Liberal

The Liberals seem to have stolen away all of the once reliable GOP talking points. The Republicans may still TRY to claim that only a GOP president can keep the country safe, but they will spend most of their follow-up explaining away Bin Laden.

They have completely lost the argument on taxes as the country has finally discovered that they are only concerned with rich people's taxes.

Today is Christmas. As a Die-hard Democrat, concerned with gun violence nationwide, the GOP may think I would be tactically unarmed, however, although Santa didn't bring me my AR-15, I did get one this year.

The increased rise of hate groups in response to the election of the first African American president, may have pushed some liberals to "cling to OUR guns and religion," also. Guns and ammo, more like it.

Have A Raleigh Jolly Christmas: With Liberty and Justice For Ya'll

As the 2012 Judicial Elections begin in earnest, we at Outlier Magazine are taking a look at these judges we have given so much power to rule over our lives. Case in point. Business Court Chief Judge John R. Jolly, Jr. (kinda rolls right off your tongue doesn't it?). I once drove an hour and a half to appear before him for a Monday morning calendar call. When I got there, he proclaimed my case wouldn't be held that day, but later "sometime" during the week. Maybe Wednesday or Thursday. He wasn't sure. (scheduling...hey it happens).

I asked him if he could let me know the day so I could get a hotel room in town the night before or schedule the case for the afternoon of whatever day he chose so I could be sure to be there because I-40 is a bear in the morning and the inclement, snowy weather was brutal. He simply said "No!"

Let's End The Judge Donald Stephens Dynasty

You couldn't make this stuff up! At the Wake County Courthouse in Raleigh, North Carolina, there sits the Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens. Frequently, depending on rotation, there also sat another judge named Ronald Stephens, the Donald's identical twin brother, who has since given up the judge game. They look just alike. They sound just alike and having appeared before both of them, I noticed something else. Unlike judges like Baddour or John R. Jolly Jr., both the Stephens boys usually took the time to read the entire motion before them, which is kind of a big deal when you've taken the time to cite the case law and include the relevant facts.

Unfortunately, that's where the similarities ended. Judge Donald tends to disregard the law when it suits him and his demeanor over the years has become, well, de Meaner.

Let's Call It What It Is: Racism

Cross-post from Outlier Magazine Blog:

It was less than a generation ago when politicians rode the wave of overt racism into office and based their political staying power on their perceived harsh stance against the civil rights of "colored" people.

Our state's own Jesse Helms was really good at it. We'd like to think we've moved away from that sort of thing, but if Helms were still here, it seems clear that he'd probably still be representing North Carolina.

However racially enlightened we proclaim America to be, it is also clear that the GOP has been hijacked by the worst among us. The amazing thing, in a country that has elected it's first African American president, is the collective refusal to admit the raw covert racism that dominates our political discourse.

Judge Baddour: He's No Tortured Soul

Justice demands that "we the people" be represented by judges that often find themselves "tortured" in deciding the questions of law that arise in criminal cases.

Although they may feel the rage that the rest of us feel towards the accused, they nevertheless must reach a tortured decision and safeguard the rights of the defendant. However, judges like Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour isn't one of those "To Kill a Mockingbird" judges, sent down from central casting.

On Monday, November 28, 2011, Judge Baddour ruled that evidence about the murder of Abhijit Mahato can be introduced during the trial of Lawrence Lovette. Lovette is the defendant accused of first degree murder in the shooting death of Eve Carson.

End of the Line for the Cain Train

I guess that is what passes for progress in race relations these days. Not so many years ago, if a black man was accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault of a white woman, he'd be dragged from his home and lynched.

Enter 2011 and Herman Cain. The GOP was willing to call every (white) woman that came forward with tales of abuse, a gold-digging liar. His campaign coffers swelled and his support grew. It was only when a woman came forward and said she had a 13 year sexual affair with him, that his support dropped off and the "Cain Train" jumped the tracks and crashed.

Some might say they dropped the old "How dare you disrespect a white woman" mantra, but still haven't let go of the "How dare you two race-mix" firebrand.

Long Live King Donald Stephens...Just Somewhere Else!

Outlier Magazine is working on a story about Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Donald W. Stephens. However, we are taking a moment to address attempts to repeal The Racial Justice Act.

The Racial Justice Act has to do with the death penalty and it allows people sentenced to death, to appeal on the grounds of racial bias.

A study found a defendant will be 2.6 times more likely to be put to death if the victim in the case is white, and out of 159 people on death row at the time of the study, 31 had all-white juries and 38 had only one person of color on the jury. Imagine if you were white, accused of killing a black man and the entire jury were black. Of course you'd have no problem with that...or would you?


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