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Demario Atwater: The Plea Deal That Should Have Been DENIED

We here at Outlier Magazine have routinely stated that Judge Allen Baddour is no friend of the bruthas. His rulings are stark in their consistent disregard of due process in cases involving defendants and other litigants of color.

So in reviewing the Eve Carson case, we couldn't understand why Demario Atwater did not receive the death penalty. From the evidence, it appears that very few people in our lifetimes deserved it more.

Newt Gingrch Is Afraid Of A Girl

It has been frustrating on one hand and slightly amusing on the other to watch Newt Gingrich destroy these purported members of the "Elite Media" when they have the audacity to ask him questions that everyone is wondering about.

During those memorable moments from the CNN debate, John King asked Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife’s accusations about wanting an open marriage, and Gingrich got deep in his azz.

During a recap with Anderson Cooper, King explained why he asked the question and even described a conversation he had with Gingrich after.

KARMA Don't Play That!

Sometimes Karma simply wants you to "Shut The Hell Up!"

Andrew Breitbart, a noted conservative activist, author and publisher,and general pain the butt, died suddenly Wednesday at the age of 43.

While a note on his website specifically referred to the death as "natural causes," that hasn't stopped Breitbart's friends in the right-wing media from speculating on all manner of terrifying scenarios, such as one rumor suggesting he was murdered because he was threatening to expose compromising videos of President Obama in college.

Now if you think you can constantly give crap to the guy that got Bin Laden, and you end up dead, I'm not gonna say you had it coming, but Karma Don't Play That!

Devine Intervention?

The Daytona 500, the Superbowl of NASCAR was rained out for the very first time in NASCAR's 54-year history. This came on the heels of the first time a First Lady was publically booed by NASCAR fans in November. A message from above?

Not So Good Deeds

Tyler Perry has a new movie coming out. It's advertised as "Tyler Perry's Good Deeds." From the trailer and the pre-advertising, it is another movie with the same narrative...poor black men bad, rich black men good.

Now Perry's movies are usually peppered with contrasts to this myopic narrative, but the overall pattern and practice of his movies are based upon stereotypes that continue to harm the people that he seems to, at first blush, praise.

His character of Mr. Brown in his T.V. show "Meet the Browns" is an embarrassing caricature of the uneducated black man in funny clothes, dancing around the room even when he's simply walking from the kitchen to the ever present couch.

You have the right to remain silent ... now spread 'em

It used to be that Republicans were just these misguided people that pretended that they had tightly held beliefs; simply to hide the fact that they were simply interested in running interference for the very rich.

They courted the votes of the uneducated and the lottery hope-minded, to maintain the financial inequality in our system of government.

Now, however, it seems clear that as they found themselves with unchallenged majorities in the statehouses and in the House, they've opened up the floodgates of radical wish lists of the crazy fringe that heretofore has been kept at bay.

Curb Judicial Discretion

Here is yet another reason why we need to place tighter controls on judicial discretion. SILSBEE, Texas — Rakheem Bolton approached the free-throw line as his school’s cheerleading squad rooted for him to hit the shot during a 2009 playoff game.

One cheerleader stepped away from the group, folded her arms and stood in silence, refusing to cheer for the star athlete who she says raped her at a party in this Southeast Texas town.

Now, two years later, that silent protest is drawing new attention across the nation as the result of an unusual series of events. Those events left the family of the victim, who was then 16, facing $45,000 in penalties from the legal proceedings that followed the incident, while her alleged attacker was freed after reduced charge plea bargain.

Dick Baddour

Recognize this man? This is Judge Allen (actually Richard [Dick] Allen) Baddour's dad, the recently resigned UNC of Chapel Hill athletic director Dick Baddour making the rounds at the Atlantic Coast Conference women's swimming and diving championships in 2007.

Did Baddour also wear such jewelry at league ethics meetings or before the NCAA infractions committee? The photo comes to us from the fine 850 The Buzz, which has a larger version, and they provide evidence that the image has not been altered.

I guess life is hard for a pimp.

Petition To Change Susan G. Komen Logo

In light of cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure's decision to turn their backs on women's health in favor of bowing to GOP political pressure to defund Planned Parenthood, I suggest they change their logo to one that more accurately reflects how they really feel about women. As I have designed the logo, I will sell the rights to use it to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure for the low, low price of what they used to give to Planned Parenthood to help low income women receive breast exams. Please send the check to Planned Parenthood, thank you. NOTE: There is no petition. This is satire!

Susan G. Komen Joins GOP Assault on Women

The news that cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure has decided to end its long time partnership with Planned Parenthood caused mass outrage. Rep. Jackie Speier said it clearly: “Komen’s decision hurts women – it puts politics before women’s health. @komenforthecure should be ashamed.”

Komen clearly has decided that the GOP’s political assault on women’s health and reproductive rights is more important than their mandate to support and care for women. Komen should be made to die on the vine. They are not too big to fail and if they have allowed politics to infect their brand, their brand should be killed in its crib and thrown out with the GOP bathwater.


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