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This debate again was a travesty

Both of them avoided questions, but as usual Cal won the contest of most questions avoided.

Was it a joke that he did not know that the Senate was considering Medicaid funding? How did he end his answer talking about teachers jobs?

The collective bargaining question was tough, but how did Cal start talking about a completely unrelated issue? More pressing: Why did any unions endorse Cal, and how did they feel about that endorsement after his comment about respecting "North Carolina's unique right-to-work laws?"

Frustated with the NC Senate runoff, and this smear campaign

Over the past weeks, there has been little attention paid to the runoff election in North Carolina that will determine the candidate to take on Sen. Richard Burr in November. This race was confusing at first, featuring a DSCC backed candidate, Cunningham, the popular Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall, and a progressive lawyer, who worked on the Obama campaign, Ken Lewis. The primary went off with an annoying hitch; no candidate reached the required 40% threshold to prevent a runoff election. Though the runoff was not mandatory, Cunningham who came in second, a full 9 points behind Elaine Marshall demanded a runoff election to determine the candidate. This runoff has been met with frustration by many Democrats in North Carolina in part because it is placing an enormous amount of pressure on the Board of Elections, which is already miserably low on funding. Ken Lewis, the choice of many strong liberal and progressive Democrats, like myself, lost the election in third place with 17% of the vote. He did not wait long before endorsing Elaine, the next progressive choice, and the farthest removed from the Washington establishment that kept Blanche Lincoln around and enabled her to continue to fight for the people of…the oil and gas industry.

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