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CJ Report: Hardball Live from Chapel Hill with Senator and Mrs. Edwards

First, there was a a lot of confusion about Robert's brown sweater, so I'm going to clear up that order of business, right now! ;) It really wasn't "brown" but light tan.

Now that we have “brown sweater” mystery cleared up…

As many of you already know, I’m an Edwards supporter, so I attend a lot of events in North Carolina where Senator or Mrs. Edwards will be appearing. In fact, I vlogged one of the campaign events Edwards did for Shuler and the event where Edwards stumped for Kissell. But, I hadn’t really planned on going to the Hardball event until I got a call letting me know that there were a few VIP tickets available for bloggers. VIP tickets for bloggers? Hmmm…that was something I thought I shouldn’t pass up, but reinforce with the Edwards’ camp that we, bloggers, are ready to take our place at the table.

John Edwards to stump for Larry Kissell on Friday!

John Edwards will stump for Larry Kissell tomorrow evening in Concord, NC!

When: October 13, 2006

What: John Edwards will visit Concord to support the next congressman for the 8th District, Larry Kissell!

Where: The meeting is in the High School parking lot, look for the yellow balloons.

Concord High School
481 Burrage Rd. NE
Concord, NC, 28025

Larry Kissell is the "Real Deal" and will help us take our country back!


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