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Election Day: For our Quiet Heroes

Today our great state of North Carolina and our nation is holding an historic election.

Millions of North Carolinians and voters across the nation have already cast their ballots during Early Voting, with North Carolina at the top of the list for Early Voting turnout.

New voter registration records were set and an unprecedented Democratic Presidential campaign was launched in our state. With over 60 Presidential campaign offices, countless satellite sites and thousands upon thousands of volunteers, the Obama campaign ground game is like none other North Carolina has seen.

We are making history.

The Republican National Convention Electrified by Drama & Scandal

If the Republicans aimed to send out a strong campaign message during their convention about "McCain the Maverick," it’s not getting through. It isn’t Hurricane Gustav that's drowning out the convention message but the Alaskan pipeline of information on Sarah Palin.

The surprise Vice Presidential pick McCain announced just three days ago is generating headlines that read like a bad script from Desperate Housewives:

44 Minutes of Fireworks

A masterpiece, fierce, strong, meaty, best convention speech since Kennedy, 44 minutes of fireworks, were the reactions of pundits immediately following Obama’s historic acceptance speech, “America’s Promise.”

Obama Accepts the Nomination

Democratic National Convention Day 3: "The World is more Impressed with the Power of our Example.."

If anyone thought that Bill Clinton alienated himself from party members during the primaries, they thought wrong. Last night, he more than redeemed himself. The “come back kid” did it again.

“The world is more impressed with the power of our example than the example of our power,” resonated Bill’s oh so easy to listen to voice. Through the convention hall, his words captured both the hearts and minds of Democrats.

As Ezra Klein notes,

"No Way, No How, No McCain!" Day 2 Democratic National Convention Highlights (Videos)

Rachel Maddow is right. Hillary hit it out of the park tonight.

Hillary didn't just tell her supporters that she's supporting Barack Obama, she asked her supporters why they supported her (read WHY would you support John McCain)?

While it was anticipated that speakers would slam McCain, the hits exceeded expectations.


The Lion Roars, Michelle Soars! Democratic National Convention Video Roundup

"I have come here tonight to stand with you to change America, to restore its future, to rise to our best ideals and to elect Barack Obama president of the United States," Senator Ted Kennedy roared as he appeared before the Democratic National Convention.

"Teddy" as Caroline affectionately referred to him during her introduction is battling brain cancer but is not giving up the good fight. "The dream lives on!" Kennedy told us tonight.

More Fun with McCain's Housing Crisis! NC Press Conference with Butterfield & Blue

Congressman Butterfield and State Rep Dan Blue held a press conference yesterday in North Carolina on McCain's Housing Crisis.

"Senator McCain is not in touch with the American people," Butterfield said.

"If you own so many that you can't keep up with them," Blue said, "then you ought to make an effort to see what regular people are going through."

The Obama Camp has surrogates in a number of states holding press conferences on how out of touch McCain is in response to McCain's recent housing crisis.

McCain did not know how many houses he and his wife own, when asked by a Politico reporter. "I'll have my staff get back to you on that," McCain replied.

McCain & McCrory Squirm on Women’s Health Care Issues

Presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain, wormed out of answering a reporter's question today as to whether or not he believes that health insurance companies should be required to cover birth control for women, particularly considering they cover Viagra for men.

McCain has long held radical positions on reproductive issues, having consistently voted AGAINST:

*Ensuring women's access to birth control

*Providing educational information for teens on birth control

*Requiring health insurance companies to cover birth control

McCain has stated that Roe vs. Wade "must be overturned." His position is that abortion should be not legal even in cases of rape, incest or life threatening conditions for the mother.


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