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Gov. Ken Lewis?

While it seems like Erskine Bowles is the Dem establishment darling I'm looking for folks who will chart a new course.

I've liked Brad Miller for years and think he would have the moxie to take on the challenge in a progressive manner.

Bill Faison has been working hard on jobs policy and deserves a closer look.

And now former US Senate candidate Ken Lewis looks like he's considering a run.

He just tweeted the following:

Rapidly changing NC politics. With change there is opportunity for progress. Lots to think about. What do you think? Under the Dome

He certainly charted a different course in the Senate race, what do folks think of his chances?

And with Ken thinking about a run, does that mean other former US Senate candidate Jim Neal is far behind?

Burr vs. Marshall: Let’s start with a little credit

X-Posted from CitizenWill.org

I generally don't say much on CitizenWill about Federal officeholders but since there's been a lot of blather about Elaine Marshall's chances of overcoming Richard Burr I thought I would submit one way she can challenge Burr's reputation of supporting our troops.

Elaine, as part of her Senate campaign, started a petition calling on Burr to support a Consumer Finance Protection Agency.

Burr, so far, and his Republican colleagues have been less than supportive (to put it mildly) of the initiative.

What's up with Edwards Press Event Thursday in Chapel Hill

Surprised the BlueNC'rs aren't on to this yet...

Presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, have scheduled a press conference Thursday at noon in Chapel Hill.

The campaign would not say what they would discuss, but observers have been awaiting an update on Elizabeth Edwards' latest breast cancer checkup.

WRAL, 10:13 p.m, Mar. 21st, 2007

I hope Elizabeth is doing well and this is just a quick update to quell any concerns.

Dems Sing "Hey No Ney Money!" to Hayes and Foxx

Dems calling for return of contributions from guilty guy Bob Ney to Virginia Foxx ($5,000) and Robin Hayes ($1,000).

In the wake of Rep. Bob Ney's (R-OH) guilty plea, Democrats are bringing back the "culture of corruption" charge and challenging House Republicans to give back the more than $472,000 in campaign contributions Ney has made to them.

More from ABC's (yeah, I know..) "theBlotter", including the full list of recipients.

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