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Bad Texas: Let's opensource High School History Curricula once and for all

Here's a silver bullet solution to right wing (or left wing) propagandists trying to push political agenda's in high school curricula.

Let's find a way to opensource the stuff. All we need is one excellent online source of American History produced by the top experts in the field. It can include everything from history, including the messy stuff. Wherever there is controversy, cover both sides thoroughly and let students decide for themselves what to believe.

Why this works so well:

First, text books are expensive. Schools and taxpayers would save millions, if not tens of millions by finding all the material they need online. Less books for students to lug around or lose.

Second, less pollution/waste in terms of printing. Publishers may hate this but hey, our education system is more important than publisher profits.

AFA Extremist Steps Down

The President of the American Family Association (nationally) is stepping down due to bad health. The AFA is mostly known for near daily boycotts against anything it believes to be anti-Christian. Boycotts have included Disney, Ford, Pepsi, and T.V. shows of all stripes. AFA is one of Christian Extremist groups that is furthest to the right. They called for gay Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe of AZ to be thrown in jail under sodomy laws in 2000 even though he was married with kids at the time. (More proof the anti-gay right wing doesn't "hate the sin" only, since they had no evidence of gay sex).

Don Wildmon's resignation comes after months of illness following a mosquito bite. A giant of right wing barbarism, taken down by a tiny bug.

Susan Hill has died

Susan Hill has died. Below is the press release sent from her clinic.
Susan Hill was a national hero in the fight to protect women's reproductive justice and lived here in NC. She suffered much harassment and violence at the hands of anti-choice extremists.

Susan Hill, Abortion Rights Activist, Dies

FOR RELEASE: Thursday February 4, 2010 at 9:00 pm
FROM: National Women’s Health Organization, Raleigh NC
CONTACT: Lajuan Carpenter 800-532-5383
Susan Hill, 61, of Raleigh died Saturday January 30, 2010, from breast cancer.

Susan Hill gained national prominence as a champion for women’s rights. She was President of the National Women's Health Organization, a group of abortion clinics in Raleigh and other smaller cities throughout the Southeast.

Killer of Dr. Tiller Found Guilty

Scott Roeder has been convicted of murder after an hour of jury deliberation.

Last year Scott Roeder murdered Dr. Tiller, one of the only abortion providers in the US helping women in the third trimester terminate a pregnancy because of severe threats to the health of the mother or the fetus.

The quick decision from the jury is certainly a strong message of justice.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

President Obama called for an end to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in his State of the Union address. Senator Carl Levin from Michigan has indicated hearings may begin in February.

This is a really pressing issue. The US Military is the largest employer in the US making them the largest employer of LGBT people, too. This is also about jobs, national security, ending discrimination and helping our service members not worry about being discharged because they utter a pronoun that gives themselves away.

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