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Rep. Patrick McHenry challenged by angry constituents

At a joint townhall meeting for Gaston and Cleveland Counties, Rep. McHenry was met by angry constituents.

What would he expect? After shilling for pay day lenders and Wall Street banks, while at the same time stonewalling actual job creation legislation of course his constituents are going to be frustrated with his lack of concern.

Tempers flared more than once during the question-and-answer session as some town hall attendees questioned McHenry’s responses. Some people placed their heads in their hands while others crossed their arms before them. They demanded different answers and more action from the congressman. Others walked out. [...]

“What do you propose to do that you haven’t done in the last couple years to bring back jobs, make the economy better?” Hillman asked the fourth-term U.S. congressman.

The crowd was reported to be the largest since 2009.

Failed comedian now NCGOP Communications Director

Under the Dome reported about the NCGOP's new flack Rob Lockwood, too bad they didn't use the Google machine to do some basic research. Lockwood, the new communications director and former intern, released in 2009 some not so Funny or Die videos under his own name. Just as disastrous Delaware Senate candidate Sharron O'Donnell wasn't a witch, Rob Lockwood insists that he isn't a leprechaun.

Editor's note: The video in question has been scrubbed from the remote site. In the upside-down world that is the NC GOP, burying information is an important function of the Communications Director.

UPDATE - Senator Burr: Wrong on torture, wrong on the facts.

The NY Times article further contradicts Burr's assertion:

... two prisoners who underwent some of the harshest treatment — including Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who was waterboarded 183 times — repeatedly misled their interrogators about the courier’s identity.

Glenn L. Carle, a retired C.I.A. officer who oversaw the interrogation of a high-level detainee in 2002, said in a phone interview Tuesday, that coercive techniques “didn’t provide useful, meaningful, trustworthy information.” He said that while some of his colleagues defended the measures, “everyone was deeply concerned and most felt it was un-American and did not work.”

MSNBC on Tuesday reported that Senator Burr said the death of Osama Bin Laden was a direct result of enhanced interrogations (aka torture). Burr once again is caught misrepresenting the facts to justify another of his failed policy positions.


“The information that eventually led us to this compound was the direct result of enhanced interrogations; one can conclude if we had not used enhanced interrogations, we would not have come to yesterday's action,” US Senator Richard Burr in a telephone interview with CNBC.

The facts don’t back up Sen. Burr’s statement. The evidence suggests a key piece of intelligence, the first link in the chain of information that led to bin Laden wasn't retrieved through torture. In other words, torture failed to produce it.

(VIDEO) Renee Ellmers: On Medicare, she can't handle the truth.

As the saying goes, "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.”

Last year Renee Ellmers ran against what she called “massive Medicare cuts” contained in the health reform law. Today Ellmers supports a radical plan to not only cut Medicare, but also end the program as we know it.

Ellmers support for ending Medicare is solidly on the wrong side of public opinion, so when asked by Christainne Ammanpour last Sunday on ABC News “This Week” Ellmers had no choice but to deny the facts and put out distortions.

Ellmers on This Week:

NC GOP: Classic example of overreach (PPP survey #’s)

Since January, Republicans in the General Assembly have been working to turn North Carolina into South Carolina. Voters are taking notice and not liking what they see: destroying public schools, punishing unemployed workers, and proposing all sorts of wingnut legislation (none of which focuses on creating jobs).

Public Policy Polling’s latest survey of likely 2012 voters shows them rapidly moving away from Republicans in the NCGA. 40% of voters have a favorable opinion of the Democrats in the General Assembly now compared to only 34% who view the Republicans positively. The GOP is down a net -8 points from March when it was 38 positive, 39 negative. Today’s poll has both parties at 43% negative.

Hold Sen. Hagan and Dirty Air Democrats accountable

First off, I’m not letting Senator Burr off the hook here, but lets face it Burr is an ideologue and his unwavering support of the polluter lobby is a forgone conclusion.

But it’s disappointing to see Senator Hagan siding with the polluter lobby to weaken the Clean Air Act and the EPA’s ability through it to limit carbon pollution.

Earlier today CREDO Action emailed their North Carolina members and already over 1700 people in North Carolina have signed the petition. Additionally 63 people called Hagan's office to voice their complaints. Can you help get that number to 100 people?

So Renee, do you support Paul Ryan’s bill to gut Medicare?

Update by James with short answer: Yes, Ellmers does support destroying Medicare.

Last cycle, Republican’s across the nation ran against President Obama’s healthcare reform plan by scaring seniors about ‘Death Panel’s’ and how the President’s plan would cut over $500 billion from Medicare. Although both claims are completely misleading, that didn’t stop Renee Ellmers from using those lies to attack Bob Etheridge for his support of heathcare reform.

Senator Burr: Where is the shared sacrifice?

Last Friday’s Statesville Record covered Senator Burr’s speech at country club where he discussed his plan to balance the Federal budget by taking an axe to Social Security and Medicare.

“Reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is essential to eliminating the massive debt in this country.”

Senator Burr couldn’t be more wrong.


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