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Where in the world is Liddy Dole? And what was she thinking?!

Liddy Dole, who might have trouble finding North Carolina on a map, was in Montana this week schlepping for someone almost as shady as "Chainsaw" Charlie Taylor: Senator Conrad Burns. If you read Kos, you probably know he was the #1 benefactor of Abramoff money and Time named him one of the worst Senators in the US. He looks like a loser this year and Liddy was trying to save his sinking campaign. Even worse is that she was defending and dismissing his racially insensitive remarks. She called criticism of Burns "a silly thing."I can't even paraphrase this nonsense, so read the story here.

Western NC Democrats' Branding

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This is my first post, but I'm an avid reader. A lot of us have been working hard on this branding initiative in Western NC. If you live west of I-77, you might have seen these signs. Blue NC's own Drama Queen has been instrumental in this project, which was established by the NC Democratic Party's Western Task force.

Here's a cross-posting from The Political Junkies:

Western North Carolina Democrats are taking the first steps to build the Democratic Party “brand.” Using the “Burma Shave” advertising technique from the first half of the 20th century, mountain Democrats are erecting groups of signs touting Democratic Party messages.

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